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Luis "Lou" Herrera

Principal Mechanical Engineer at Jabil
Saint Petersburg, Florida
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Ana’s Avatar
Ana Jun 19, 2020 572 views

How do you deal with failure in a job?


Nason’s Avatar
Nason Jun 19, 2020 297 views

how different are mechanical engineers and electrical engineers/solar design engineers?


ammy’s Avatar
ammy Feb 06, 2020 1227 views

what are good careers related to math and art?

#art #fine-art #design #math

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Jan 30, 2020 435 views

Biomedical engineering or chemical engineering

I am a junior and im not sure if I want to do biomedical engineering or chemical engineering. What different jobs can I get straight go of college with each of these degrees? My goal is to work out of college then pursue my law degree and become a patent lawyer in the field I was previously an...

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Aug 23, 2018 466 views

Thoughts on Mechanical Engineering

Hello. I plan on majoring in mechanical engineering and although it is a very strong and difficult major id like to ask for some feedback on anyone who has already been through that situation. Is it hard as people say and should I still work hard to become one or is it not worth the time and...

Shaheer’s Avatar
Shaheer Aug 24, 2018 637 views

Is solidwords or autodesk inventor a skill that's needed in the workplace for aerospace engineers?

I am an aerospace engineering student who knows how to use autodesk inventor but not solidworks. I was just wondering, how important is solidworks and inventor or any other computer-aided design (CAD) program to an aerospace engineer in the workforce? Thanks! #aerospace #aerospaceengineer...

Melvin Summerville’s Avatar
Melvin Aug 18, 2018 860 views

New Methods and innovation in Manufacturing?

Hey guys, As a mechanical engineering student, I'm interested in the manufacturing industry and want to know about any new innovations or methods in manufacturing? I know 3D printing is on the rise but I'm not sure of what other things to look out for. Thanks! #manufacturing...

Anneliese’s Avatar
Anneliese Aug 18, 2018 535 views

I'm interested in being an alternative energy engineer, but not many colleges offer that as a bachelor's degree. What field of engineering should I go into?


Aubreigh’s Avatar
Aubreigh Jun 13, 2018 497 views

Do people use 3D printers in their careers?

Like to build parts or anything with them? #engineering #innovation

Kerisha’s Avatar
Kerisha Jan 05, 2017 4133 views

I'm a chemical engineering graduate and I hate this degree. I've always wanted to be a doctor and even after doing well at school, i was unable to get a place to study medicine. Now I'm stuck with this degree and I dont know what to do. Please help.

I initially chose chemical engineering as I thought that I could get into the pharmaceutical engineering side of the industry and I knew that they were sought after in the finance sector. Unfortunately my applications haven't worked out and there's no scope for chem eng in pharmaceuticals in...

Osama’s Avatar
Osama Apr 24, 2018 780 views

Is it better to get a biology degree for undergraduate study and then mechanical engineering degree for graduate study or simply getting a biomedical engineering degree if you are seeking employment in the biomedical field?

I'm asking because from what I have researched it seems that mechanical engineers can become biomedical engineers, despite not directly studying in the field of biomedical engineering and since mechanical engineering has a variety of job opportunities I thought it would be good to have...

Rocco’s Avatar
Rocco Oct 24, 2016 594 views

What type of challenges will I face going into Engineering Physics being of Hispanic descent?

I am of Hispanic descent and have had many challenges joining in groups. There is not a lot of diversity in my high school. Just wondering what is the diversity level of students going into the engineering and/or physics arena? And will it hold me back? #engineering #physics #hispanic

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Oct 27, 2016 885 views

How important is it to go to a top tier school for Engineering?

I am trying to discern the importance of school/ school cost as I plan for college. I want to major in Mechanical Engineering, but do not want to be in debt for the rest of my life because I went to one of the top 3 schools in the nation. Any thoughts? #engineer #mechanical

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Jan 22, 2018 536 views

As an engineering student, is it more harmful than beneficial to look for jobs or internships outside of your specific field of engineering?

I am a Biomedical Engineering student, and my degree includes many Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering practices. It sometimes becomes difficult to find Biomedical Engineering jobs specifically, so I am considering working in other areas of engineering to simply gain experience...

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Jan 22, 2018 709 views

How important is it to have a graduate school degree in the engineering work force?

I will be attending college as an engineering major, and I don't know if I want to pursue a graduate degree or not. I was wondering what percentage of the engineering work force only has undergraduate degrees and what percentage has graduate degrees. How significant is the job difference...