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As an engineering student, is it more harmful than beneficial to look for jobs or internships outside of your specific field of engineering?

Asked College Station, Texas

I am a Biomedical Engineering student, and my degree includes many Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering practices. It sometimes becomes difficult to find Biomedical Engineering jobs specifically, so I am considering working in other areas of engineering to simply gain experience first. #engineering #biomedical #internships #jobs

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Yes experience is always valuable. It shows great effort and dedication from your side to look for work and having all those positions on your resume. You did not mention. how close are you to graduation and what your short term plans are. The reason being if you are closer to graduation and would be looking to work full time after you graduate, it would be recommended to find an internship in a company or industry related to that goal. A lot of time those summer internships have a good chance to convert to full time jobs. That could be the reason to narrow your focus on internships. Although if you are still exploring your career or job options it is always better to get variety of experience to understand what you like.
Last updated Feb 16 '18 at 03:16 PM
An engineering job or internship, regardless of the field will teach you work ethic and provide you with valuable experience that you can use in your life and career. Depending in your focus or interest in a Biomed career, you should try to find something "related". For example, if you want to make devices, mechanical or electeical experience will help you on that. If biological systems is your thing, a Chemical Eng. will help. No work experience will be wasted.
Last updated Feb 12 '18 at 12:32 AM
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