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Ethan B.’s Avatar
Ethan B. May 15 181 views

How would I proceed to get into the underwater nuclear welding field?

I am currently enrolled into a job corp program and is currently working toward a high school diploma and a certificate for welding and after I finish that I would be going to advanced training for commercial diving and I would like to have any further advice on anything else I would have to do...


Trinity C.’s Avatar
Trinity C. Jan 17, 2018 783 views

Would it be better to live in a small town or big city when it comes to forensics?

I’m not sure where I want to live in the future and want to know if I’ll be able to find a stable job anywhere I go. #forensic-science #forensics #forensic...


Vanessa O.’s Avatar
Vanessa O. Jul 27, 2018 196 views

How much flexibility would I have as a dietitian?

I got my first bachelor's degree with a pre-med intent. After research and soul-searching, however, I decided that a doctor was not the occupation for me. I learned that many of them take few, if any, nutrition courses. It seems as if many medical schools in the US train people to write...

#holistic #dietitian #wellness #nutrition

DejaCodman2 .’s Avatar
DejaCodman2 . Sep 09, 2012 3692 views

Do employers hire you based on what college you graduated from?

Hi, I am a sophomore and I just wanted to know does it matter to employers which college I get a degree from? would I have a better chance at getting a job if I went to a university rather than an online school? #college #jobs #employers...


Patrick B.’s Avatar
Patrick B. Mar 13 173 views

Where is a good place to start?

As a high school student with the goal to life the dream I would like to know where a good entry level job would be for a new game developer. I do have the ability to learn quickly and think creatively but not to the point where I wan to go inde #software . #gamedev #technology...


Gabriel C.’s Avatar
Gabriel C. Mar 12, 2019 136 views
onjee O.’s Avatar
onjee O. Aug 06, 2019 67 views

Does being an Art director have any requirments ?

There is not much to say besides that I'm doing research....


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Alaa M. Apr 10 154 views
Lidibet G.’s Avatar
Lidibet G. Apr 27 305 views

what are the biggest responsibilities of an accountant?

Everything that has to do with economy and finances has always caught my attention. I have the basic knowledge about the career but wanted to know what is the main responsibility in the job of an accountant #college #accounting...


Lidibet G.’s Avatar
Lidibet G. Apr 27 258 views

How many years of study are for the finance career?

I am interested in a finance career especially in accounting. But I wanted to know how long the career lasts and how easy it is to get a position in a company. #accounting #business...


Lidibet G.’s Avatar
Lidibet G. Apr 27 228 views

how many branches are there within the accounting career

I am interested in a finance career especially in accounting. But I wanted to know how long the career lasts and how easy it is to get a position in a company. #business #financial-accounting...


Tien N.’s Avatar
Tien N. Apr 27 365 views
Shelby B.’s Avatar
Shelby B. Aug 20, 2016 576 views

What should I major in if I want to be a personal injury attorney?

I'm planning on becoming a personal injury attorney or criminal defense attorney like my dad and I want to know what I should major in because I'm in my sophomore year of high school and the I want to make sure the classes I choose now will help me in college. #lawyer...


azur B.’s Avatar
azur B. Jan 20, 2018 315 views
Arriana H.’s Avatar
Arriana H. Apr 23, 2019 91 views
Yayliany N.’s Avatar
Yayliany N. Mar 13 100 views

How much money do RN’s make?

I love helping people in need and I really like how medical services work. #medicine...


Julia P.’s Avatar
Julia P. Jan 16, 2018 213 views

If I take a Gap Year before college, is it better to apply & accept to a college but delay my start date?

If I take a Gap Year, I've heard that I can still apply to college and accept but tell them I'm going to delay my start once I'm accepted. Is this the best way to go. #gap-year #college #college-prep...


Viviana S.’s Avatar
Viviana S. Aug 05, 2019 146 views

What degree would be better forensic science, criminal justice or criminology?

I'm a student at community college looking to transfer soon and I'm undecided on which degree would be best if I wanna become a crime scene investigator and possibly FBI Agent in the future. Forensic studies at USF sound like a good match but St.Leo University has a Criminal Justice degree...

#forensics #college #criminal-justice #law #fbi #fbi-agent #criminology #forensic

goaway B.’s Avatar
goaway B. Feb 09, 2019 601 views
Julio G.’s Avatar
Julio G. May 07 157 views
Jonathan C.’s Avatar
Jonathan C. Aug 06, 2019 122 views

How can you use your abilities in your new job

I can draw I'm a good gamer I read and watch anime I learn fast I like to work hard too #engineering #job #electrical-engineering #career...


Denny S.’s Avatar
Denny S. Mar 23 95 views

How could i grow in the career I’m looking for?

A senior in Hillsborough county #fyp...


DejaCodman2 .’s Avatar
DejaCodman2 . Sep 07, 2012 1597 views

What is it like to deliver a baby?

I am a sophomore who is interested in learning more about an OBGYN`s job #doctor #medicine #healthcare...


Mildred D.’s Avatar
Mildred D. Dec 22, 2016 416 views

Does the number of high school years affect students goals?

In high school, most students usually learn stuffs that aren't related to their careers. It's true that math, reading, and science play a big role in the future, but shouldn't the school board minimize the amount of years learning those stuffs, and prioritize the effects of those core classes...


Mildred D.’s Avatar
Mildred D. Dec 22, 2016 426 views

Is motivation the main aspect of encouraging yourself or is it discipline?

As a high school student, motivation is taboo to me, just like it is to some other kids, but as for discipline, it was a word that I grew up with. By the time exams are about to come out, discipline was the word of those days. Was I motivated to learn those extra lessons, no. But I forced...


Christian M.’s Avatar
Christian M. Mar 13 97 views

What jobs can be offered for welding

My name is Christian I am a senior at Leto high school. My strengths are being a hard working and focusing on any task given. My weaknesses are that I’m easily distracted and I can’t focus with a lot of noise. #career #welding...


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