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Daniel Sep 24, 2018 562 views

Deadly Loans

As much as id like to stray away from them, but do people recommend taking out loans to pay for college? My goal is to be debt free from college yet still achieving my degree but I have many friends who have taken out loans to pay for college. Is that really a good idea? Are students bound to...

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Daniel Sep 24, 2018 636 views

Financial Problems?

So regarding from the last feedback I was told that there were many scholarships out there to apply for, but my concern after applying how does the process work? Ive applied to many and id like to know if what I applied for was even creditable websites because I haven't received any information...

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Daniel Aug 23, 2018 612 views

College Tuition?

I was concerned on how people views on going to a 4 year institution have been and was asking of some feedback on whether it is worth going to or not if financial issues could be a problem. I will be completing my associates in community college next year and have not decided whether I want to...

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Daniel Aug 23, 2018 642 views

Thoughts on Mechanical Engineering

Hello. I plan on majoring in mechanical engineering and although it is a very strong and difficult major id like to ask for some feedback on anyone who has already been through that situation. Is it hard as people say and should I still work hard to become one or is it not worth the time and...