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Financial Problems?

Asked Grandview, Missouri

So regarding from the last feedback I was told that there were many scholarships out there to apply for, but my concern after applying how does the process work? Ive applied to many and id like to know if what I applied for was even creditable websites because I haven't received any information about them. Is there any specific credible websites that actually help in getting a higher chance to win a scholarship? Any help?
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Roger’s Answer

Updated Walnut Creek, California

Hi Daniel: I hope you hear from others in education or from business about successfully applying and earning scholarships. But, I don’t have much good news to share with you based on my daughter’s experience. Like you, she applied for many scholarships using multiple websites and received nothing.

And, she had an incentive to apply for these scholarships. For every dollar that she received in scholarships… my wife and I advised her that she could keep the money for herself.

During the Spring Semester of her senior year in high school she spent months applying for scholarships. The only scholarship she received was $50 from the Black Employees Association at a company where I used to work.

I hope others reply to your question with positive news on how they applied for and earned scholarships.

*Both of my daughters received UNSOLICITED scholarships from colleges. One daughter received an academic FULL RIDE (Tuition, room & board, books) to Fresno State University. Another daughter received $32,000 ($8,000 a year) to go to the University of Arizona. My daughters did not apply for these scholarships -- the schools offered these scholarships to them. My kids received no scholarships from applying online via websites. Their scholarships came from the colleges where they applied.

FINAL NOTE, my kids both attended Arizona State University and received no financial assistance to go to ASU.

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