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What jobs can I enter with a Bioengineering Degree?

Updated Lynwood, Illinois

I plan to enter the #college of #engineering with a major in Biological engineering but I can't help but feel I am missing something.#college-advice #bioengineering

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Adhithi’s Answer


Bioengineering is so vast and beautiful! What concentration/aspect are you drawn to? Type the key words on Linkedln, for example, "Tissue Engineering", to see what kind of jobs come up. You can even see the career trajectory of different people who have a position with XYZ company as a Tissue Engineer, and understand their role better. Upon identifying a role or company you really relate to, reach out to them to have a conversation about it. Hope this helps!:)

Adhithi recommends the following next steps:

  • Identify which aspect of Bioengineering you feel drawn to. Take lab rotations with different professors/labs to understand what aspects of a project you like. I took three different lab rotations in my school before choosing my research area in bone tissue engineering where I designed and developed 3D printed bone scaffolds.
  • Attend workshops, symposiums and conferences if it happens nearby. A good learning and networking opportunity. I attended symposiums and conferences affiliated with my school as well as those happening nearby. Once you get into research, you'll get opportunities to present your work as a poster or a talk. I met some really nice representatives from companies such as Medtronic at my poster presentation, for example.
  • Try finding relevant internships or co-ops. Use your school career portals/workshops/events, and resources such as Indeed and Linkedln. Another really effective tool is to sign up for 'Talent networks' of companies you like. I had a wonderful co-op opportunity with MTF Biologics - I met their representative during a career event, signed up for their Talent Network, and applied for a co-op when I saw the opening.