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What type of jobs are available for people who major in mechanical engineering?

I am asking this because I am currently completing my senior year of high school and college is around the corner and I would like to know what my future possibilities would be before I commit to a certain major. #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer #robotics #stemcareers

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3 answers

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Brian’s Answer

A Mechanical engineering degree provides many options for what you may end up doing. There will be an opportunity to specialize in the last 2 years of your studies. In my career I designed products and created manufacturing processes to produce them. Later I was able to sell technical systems to international customers as well as lead engineering service and manufacturing companies.
Friends of mine with mechanical engineering degrees are doing everything from being a physician to building nuclear power plants to designing heart assist pumps.
Mechanical engineering is a versatile degree that teaches you how to solve problems and is valuable and desired for many jobs. Good luck with high school.

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Marjorie A.’s Answer

Hi Jose,

During my school counseling career, there were two students, brother and sister, who were both Mechanical Engineering graduates of University of Maryland-College Park immediately recruited by Toyota for employment in car design and technology.

Also visit "Try Engineering.org" for a wealth of information. It's a site, since developed, I've always recommended to aspiring HS engineering students.


Hope this helps!

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Glenn S.’s Answer

I work in design and development as I have my entire career. But there are several of choices for MEs. Manufacturing, Reliability, Test Engineering, Technical Sales support or technical sales, and HVAC to name a few. The ME degree is a general engineering degree and can be applied to many areas.