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What are some degrees that i could get that involves aviation?

I am consider what career path i would like to take on. #aviation #aviation-industry #commercial-aviation #general-aviation

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4 answers

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Stephanie’s Answer

College Degree Programs:
- Aviation Science
- Aviation Maintenance Technology
- Aeronautics

Popular career paths:
- Pilot
- Aviation manager
- Aviation safety expert
- Aeronautical Engineer
- Air Traffic Controller

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Aldo’s Answer

Well, you have:
Aviation Management
Aeronautical Engineering
Aviation Technical area (NDT, Avionics, Composite)
Commercial Pilot
Design (Kathia, Enovia programs)
Air Traffic Controller
Project Manager
Aviation Science
Aeronautical Lawyer
Aviation Administration

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Nathan’s Answer

This is a great question! Most airlines would like for their pilots to have a four year degree in anything. If you have a passion for flying and you meet the minimum requirements, you can achieve that goal and takeoff into such an exciting career!

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Andrei’s Answer

Hello Ockeem. Aviation is a very broad field, and the other responders have done a great job of listing the main degrees available. When considering what career path to take, you need to first figure out what interests you most and what do you enjoy doing. Then perform a little research to make sure that is the life style you want to pursue.
In high school, I wanted to be a pilot. I started taking flying lessons and soon figured out that I was a lot more mechanically inclined. Started going for an engineering degree and soon figured out that I loved working more with my hands than a calculator. I love all things machinery and I am good at working with my hands with a high lever of attention to details. I started working more on the aircraft maintenance side of things and got my Bachelors in aircraft maintenance management. I love what I do and totally enjoy every day. In my almost 27 years in aircraft maintenance, I can say that I did not work one day, at least it does not feel like work to me.
Some times you pick the career, and others the career picks you. All those choices appeal to different kind of talents and have various requirements, and will lead to a different life style. If you like being home every night and have a stable family life, than a pilot that travels all the time may not be your choice. If you don't like getting your hands dirty and working in some harsh environments, than being a mechanic might not be well suited either. Hopefully you see a pattern and get the point.
Make a list of what you like and find out who you are, the choice will become obvious. Good luck.