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Is it worth paying a decent amount of money to participate in a job fair?

I have an opportunity to attend a job fair, but for one day, the amount seems to be a little extreme. I just wanted to know are these expenses worth it considering the connections one may make. Especially when the job fair is Women in Aviation and my Master's degree is in Criminal Justice in Homeland Security. #human-resources #aviation #government #cyber-security #recruitment

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6 answers

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Aldo’s Answer

Fair jobs are always free. You don't need to pay nothing to attend one.

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Genevieve’s Answer

I would be suspicious of any job fairs that require you to pay to attend. Most job fairs are generally free unless the organizers offer additional services like resume reviews or mock interviews.

Very interesting. I will look elsewhere, I decided the amount required may not improve my achievability. Melissa A.

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Rob’s Answer

I would not waste my money or time. With many companies and the Federal Government seeking individuals with your background I don't think you would have problems finding a job. Also make a search on www.usajobs.gov for your line of business, many agencies look for individuals with your skills and education.

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Lauren’s Answer

I agree with everyone above. Career Fairs should always be free - there are many career fairs that are free of cost, so I wouldn't waste your money on an expensive career fair. This rule applies with paying for a professional to create your resume as well. There are great free resources out there if you do your research.

Lauren recommends the following next steps:

Google local career fairs in your city & register!
Research the companies in attendance and create a list of your top companies of interest
Apply for jobs ahead of time! Bring Questions to ask the company recruiter

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Jo’s Answer

Hi there,

I'm in graduate recruitment and just want to echo the above!!
Unless this is an immersive learning opportunity, don't pay! Apart from that, many universities are stepping back from a classical career fair approach and are offering you to sign-up to workshops and company presentations instead. This way you can preselect for the companies you are really interested in and you don't get overwhelmed by choice.

On top of that, a lot of companies are organising virtual information sessions specifically for graduates like you! So you might want to do some research on companies you would like to work for and then follow them on LinkedIn and sign-up for such a session to find out more about them!

Hope this helps,


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Jeff’s Answer


What type of job fair is this? If it brings employers and applicants together, they don't charge the jobseekers. If it's a training seminar, you really need to research it to determine if it's worth the cost.

A Master's in criminal justice in homeland security should be a slam dunk for you in the job market. I'm surprised you haven't been recruited already.

Best of luck!


There are no "slam-dunks" for people with degrees who lack experience. It's all about hard work and marketing yourself. But no, don't pay for a job fair, and don't pay for someone to write your resume! Kim Igleheart