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What's sorts of jobs should I be looking for if I just received my Masters in Criminal Justice in Homeland Security?

I want to know what terms or words I should be looking towards to obtain a career in my new field. I don't care if its government or a company or even a social impact group because I would get the chance to help people also while getting some sort of experience in my field. Especially, when I am considering a Ph.D. involving human trafficking or women and terrorism. #criminal-justice #government #social #recruitment

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Hi Melissa - looks like you'd asked this question back in February...sorry to see no one has taken a swing at yet! No idea if you're still on this site or not, but I'll give it a try. Right now (I think) there is probably still some hesitation on hiring in the federal government, which is regrettable. That being said: LET THEM TELL YOU 'NO.' If you want a government job, APPLY for it! If you're not interested in working in government or if you are looking for private sector experience, you may find some success in trying to get in with a think-tank (probably in DC). Thinking "out of the box," you might also approach a tech company dealing with international tracking of cargo, ships and aircraft (you'll have to search those out a bit). While they may NOT be looking for someone like you, I would ask them who they know who might be able to use someone with your education. A referral is sometimes more valuable than getting hired! Last but not least, there are other companies (Booz-Allen-Hamilton, eg) who contract for the government for a variety of services. While they frequently try to hire prior gov or military types, again: let them tell you 'no.' Best of luck!
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