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What's the best study material for becoming a pilot?

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2 answers

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Michael’s Answer


Becoming a pilot is a challenging yet rewarding adventure. I’ve wanted to fly since I was about 7 years old and went to college to study aviation. The amount of required knowledge and studying surprised me. You will no doubt immerse yourself in the material and develop your knowledge as you train. However now is not the time to start learning things without any guidance. It’s possible to overwhelm yourself and become discouraged. During your training the Flight Instructor should provide you with the required information and guide you through the course.

In preparation for training you can familiarize yourself with some of the materials and literature provided by the FAA. The two links below have more information on becoming a pilot as well as downloadable manuals.



I hope this helps. Good luck!


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Steve’s Answer

There is alot of things to look at becoming a pilot. There are different study guides for being a private pilot. You will have to use them during your training. You also have the FAA/FAR's. That is the rules and regulations. You will need to learn first part 61 maybe 141. that is the beginning. Look at the private pilot test/study guide. As you will have to take your written test.

Steve recommends the following next steps:

Get the FAA/FAR's and learn part 61 and maybe 141. Airspace is a big thing and you must know it. Learn aerodynamics, what makes a plane fly, weather, density altitude and pressure altitude. Go to a small local airport and talk to pilots. Tell them what you are doing and ask questions. Maybe find a mentor. Go up in a plane and make sure you like it. Fly the plane. Buy the private pilot test guide to prepare for your test

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