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Connor Aug 14, 2018 826 views

What's the best study material for becoming a pilot?

#aviation #airline-industry #pilot #air-force #airplane #study-materials

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus May 17, 2018 760 views

What do I need to do to become a pilot? What kind of school do I need to attend?

I'm a senior at high school and I want to be a airline pilot # #student #high-school #pilot #college

Meredith’s Avatar
Meredith Nov 05, 2017 1097 views

What is the best way to gain flight hours if you are in college and not studying anything in aviation?

As a college student, away from home, and financially strained, what is the best way to gain flight hours during the school year? I think I might want to go into a career in aviation, but I only have my private pilot's license. How do I best prepare myself for a job as a pilot, when I am not...

André’s Avatar
André May 18, 2016 1037 views

What is the best possible path to become a professional pilot?

I want to know if taking a college aviation course is much better than attending a flight school. And if not, if it would bebetter to attend college doing another course and learning to fly in flight schools. #college #aviation #commercial-pilot

Katelyn’s Avatar
Katelyn Nov 22, 2017 796 views

Are Criminal Justice Summer Internships a thing? Should I seek one out?

I am asking because I plan to go into law enforcement. I want to know if these internships exist and if it is recommended I seek one out. Where do I even look? #law-enforcement #police #internships #police-and-law-enforcement #law-enforcement-internships #chicago-police

Bakkiyalakshmi’s Avatar
Bakkiyalakshmi May 06, 2016 946 views

how do I become a pilot?

its my dream! #college #aviation #airline-industry #pilot

jake’s Avatar
jake Nov 13, 2017 997 views

What steps do I have to take to become a cop?

#police-officer #law-enforcement

Geoffrey’s Avatar
Geoffrey Mar 09, 2016 1128 views

I'm interested in working for a FBO at the local airport on nights and weekends. Can this create an opportunity for me to move into an entry level position with the main airport and eventually move my way up the ladder to an airport management position?

I've always had an interest in working for an airport, but I don't know exactly how to do that. This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of CareerVillage. #aviation #airline-industry #fbo

Kenny’s Avatar
Kenny Mar 06, 2016 3416 views

How much math is involved in flying a plane?

What are some jobs in aviation that require someone who is very good at math? What kind of math is used most often? I am asking because I am really good at math and science, and planes have always fascinated me. How can I combine my love of math with that of planes as a career? #aviation...

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 17, 2017 1151 views

How much do meteorologists make a year?

Just wondering #meteorology

Jeff’s Avatar
Jeff Mar 09, 2016 3332 views

What's the difference between a flight dispatcher and an air traffic controller?

I want to communicate with pilots over the radio to ensure they are getting to and from each airport safely. Which job does that? A flight dispatcher or an air traffic controller? This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of CareerVillage. #aviation...

josiah’s Avatar
josiah May 12, 2017 808 views

Where do you go to school to be a fireman.

Because I would like to be a fireman. #fireman #career-details

Ricky’s Avatar
Ricky May 12, 2017 1027 views

How can i use college flight time to get a career.

I would like to go to a flying school in Arizona and im wondering how i could get a job out of college. #pilot #airline-pilot #career-details #job-application

Bill’s Avatar
Bill May 12, 2017 675 views

what type of cattle do you recommend for beef production

because i want to know #ranching

Armani’s Avatar
Armani Mar 06, 2016 1677 views

What is your favorite thing about being a pilot?

I'm deciding between two careers at the moment. Can you help me by telling me why you chose to become a pilot and what you love the most about doing it for a living? #aviation #airline-industry #pilot