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How can i use college flight time to get a career.

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I would like to go to a flying school in Arizona and im wondering how i could get a job out of college. #pilot #airline-pilot #career-details #job-application

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I may not be 100% correct on this. If you go to an aviation college, you will get your ratings and also have a degree. each rating you get is good for 3 hours of college credit. You should have the ratings you need to go get a job as an instructor. No matter what that is where you will have to start to be able to get the hours you need to get a job. Depends on what you really want to do. 1500 hours is the magic number to be able to get you Airline Transport Rating for an Airline. You will need alot of cross country time, multi engine time, PIC time (pilot in command). There are other jobs that you could get before the 1500., but you will still have to be an instructor and eat bread and noodles for a few years.

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I'm no pilot, but I watch one on YouTube. Follow StevoKinevo. If you reach out he might give you advice. In a video he said he went to a flight school to get his private pilot ratings. Then started flying at a small airline In South America that serviced rural communities as a copilot. Then as he got his hours in, he moved up to other airlines. Now he seems to do videos flying for a small commercial company that runs business charters around Florida and the Bahamas.

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My cousin is an airline pilot. For his training it was paid for by the US Airforce.

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