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Are Criminal Justice Summer Internships a thing? Should I seek one out?

Asked River Forest, Illinois

I am asking because I plan to go into law enforcement. I want to know if these internships exist and if it is recommended I seek one out. Where do I even look? #law-enforcement #police #internships #police-and-law-enforcement #law-enforcement-internships #chicago-police

2 answers

George’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas
Internships are generally set up through your university with a law enforcement agency. The DEA San Antonio District Office has had several interns from local universities that connected through the Houston Field Division. So check with your Dean and see what local/state/federal LEAs have internships available.

Steve’s Answer

Updated Cypress, Texas
Some departments offer a reserve program, and others offer a program ( i cant remember the name) like an internship where you are in uniform, learn about law enforcement, shadow an officer, communications, jail and some other things. Those programs were kind of going away and I am not sure of the status of that now. You may have to think about moving to another city, or state.