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What is a day in the life of a music producer like?

I want to learn more about a #music-producer or #record-producer because I want to go into the music industry. What do you do every day and how do you find #musicians to manage? #music #music-production...


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What is the lifegoal or ambition that your choosen career fulfills and is it truly important?

While having a good paying job that gives one wealth and a good social standing is highly valued in society, feelings of fulfillment is what makes a life worthwhile. Thus having a career that makes one feel accomplished is just as important as having one that pays the bills. What is it that...

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Erik W. Feb 15, 2017 357 views

Where can i start to become a musician?

I want to know where to start so I can become a musician #artists...


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Switching professions?

Hi, my dream as a child was to become a famous singer, and I'm also very known to have a beautiful voice etc. but my father was telling me that it wouldn't be a stable career as a start off and I should choose a career that would, like a doctor. And after I finish med school, I can go off and...

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