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jeffrey G. Nov 13, 2020 81 views
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Jastyn R. Apr 17, 2018 314 views

How do I get a head start on my music career while still in school?

I'm going to be attending college in the fall to pursue my major in music technology, but I really don't want to wait until I've gotten my degree to make moves in the music industry. What steps/initiatives can I take to give myself a head start in my career while actively working on my degree?...

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Aerie W. Jan 10, 2018 301 views

What steps do I need to take in order to become a music producer?

I’m in 9th grade and I play music a lot. I was thinking that being a music producer would be a good job to have in this field. What are the steps I should take in order to become a music producer? #music-producer #studying-music #music...


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Audrey G. Jan 09, 2018 285 views

What is a day in the life of a music producer like?

I want to learn more about a #music-producer or #record-producer because I want to go into the music industry. What do you do every day and how do you find #musicians to manage? #music #music-production...


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Alicia P. Mar 10, 2018 297 views

I am a High School student and don't know which career i would choose. For one I know people don't take music seriously, because of the jobs. But I love Both!!

Engineering and Music sound GREAT for me, but every time I search "engineering in the music industry" it says audio engineering, for some reason I was hoping something else. What kind of engineering would it fall under if I were to use it to work in the music industry? #civil-engineering...

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Juan Carlos M. Feb 01, 2018 385 views

I want to become a guitarist

where can i get the best free guitar lessons? #music #guitar #music-producer #music-industry...


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Juan Carlos M. Jan 22, 2018 313 views

how do you begin a musical career?

I've been interested in music for a long time and i feel like it would be my best choice as a career. I play instruments but how do i get signed by a label company or even get recognized by other people? What are the first steps i would have to take? #music #music-industry #music-recording...

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Bryan T. Jan 16, 2018 216 views

How often can you release albums as an up and coming artist?

My friend and I are both musicians and tech geeks and I'm his producer. We released an instrumental EP at the beginning of December, is May too soon to release an original EP? #recording #music-producer...


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Gus H. Oct 12, 2017 500 views

How can I play many different styles of music?

I am a musician that is into many different styles of music and I play a few different instruments as well, so I wanted to see if anyone had any advice on the paths I could take. Sorry for the lack of specificity. #music #music-production #music-industry #music-producer...


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Juan R. Sep 01, 2017 509 views

What are the best school in the fields of Music and Business?

I'm not sure what i want to do with my life and what i want to major in. I know I want to continue my education after high school but I'm not sure what I want to yet do. #undecided #excitedforthefuture #music-producer #music-production #international-affairs...


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Jennifer D. Aug 12, 2016 808 views

Any advice on how to pursue a music career?

I really want to pursue a career in music since it is something i enjoy very much and want to gain more from it , but my dream is often shutdown due to many people's opinions and saying how it is not a 'real' career. #music #music-industry #entertainment-industry...


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Katie F. Aug 11, 2016 436 views

What is the production process of a song like?

I own recording equipment and can make basic acoustic tracks for my music, but don't know how to fully produce songs. #music-production #music-industry #music-producer...


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Nicki W. Feb 24, 2016 1026 views

I'm thinking about going to college to continue on with music producing like in the studio. Can you give me some tips on how to start off the right way and what is some colleges I can look at for music producing?

I am asking this question because my dream is to become a artist and get my music out to the world. As a child all I ever did was sing and make rhymes and a lot of people has told me I got skills. I just want to know more colleges I should attend or look into about music producing and how many...

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Christian R. Dec 10, 2015 1739 views

How can i get a job at a radio station?

im really interested in become a artist/producer in the music industry. I love music #music #singing #producer #performing-arts...


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D'Aarez L. Aug 03, 2015 2900 views

Where can i copyright my music tag? and how do I do that?

I'm want to be a music producer and I have been making my own music in my studio and I want to learn how to copyright #college #music...