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How often can you release albums as an up and coming artist?

My friend and I are both musicians and tech geeks and I'm his producer. We released an instrumental EP at the beginning of December, is May too soon to release an original EP?

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2 answers

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Alex’s Answer

At this point, there's so much new music released every day, the life span of a release is extremely short in consumers' eyes. They're bombarded with tons of other stuff to listen to. So it's become increasingly important to release music more often to keep you at the front of people's minds, and this goes tenfold for unknown artists. Singles and EPs are a great way to do this, as it's easier to create a more consistent stream of content for your listeners.

Look at it like this...

If you release one album per year, and most listeners only listen to it during the first week or two after release, they're likely to basically forget about you for the next 50 weeks until you release another album.

If you split that album into three EPs and release those every four months, and maybe sprinkle a couple singles in here or there, you have a steady stream of releases throughout the year, and listeners not only have more products to look forward to, but they're simply reminded of your existence at more regular intervals. And that's always good!

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Stephen’s Answer

As often as you want. I know artist where 3 a year is not unusual. Let the art drive you, don’t rush to release, but if you are passionate about what you have let it out to the public.