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How can i get a job at a radio station?

Updated San Lorenzo, Santa Fe Province, Argentina

im really interested in become a artist/producer in the music industry. I love music #music #singing #producer #performing-arts #music-producer

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Daniela’s Answer

Updated State of Goiás, State of Goiás, Brazil

Hi Christian,

Some tips can help you:

  • Pursue degrees in communications. Some types of communications degrees can help radio presenters and other broadcasters to get access to a greater set of jobs or positions in the industry.

  • Create a demo for radio stations and other potential employers. After having collected some experience and getting used to the idea of presenting on the radio, as a career-minded individual, you can set up a demo presentation that you can show to representatives of larger broadcasting networks.

  • Develop connections and a professional reputation. Some of the most successful radio presenters, for example, radio talk show hosts, have had a long career including extensive networking and brand development.

  • Cultivate a good radio voice. if you want a long standing career in vocal work you need to look after your voice and you need to pronounce with great clarity. Get voice coaching lessons if possible. It is also important to find some vocal warm up exercise routines, to preserve your voice long-term.

  • Buy (or borrow) a microphone and a recording device like a mini disc player. It is important to record and listen back to your voice as you can then hear how everyone around you hears your voice. DJ'ing at discos and small functions can be a great learning experience on how to cater to a specific audience which radio is all about.

  • Find a place to present as a volunteer. Volunteer opportunities will gain you lots of experience and you'll get good advice from those already working in the industry.

  • Start your own internet radio show. There are now many free facilities on the internet which help you broadcast your own internet radio show so they are now very easy to produce and, even better, they're very inexpensive. Get a computer with an audio editing software package, when you have refined your vocal skills you can start producing your own radio shows from your own home.

In: http://www.wikihow.com/Become-a-Radio-Host

Good Luck!

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Christian!

A good start would be to participate in the drama, musical, tv, radio, and audio-visual programs and activities in your high school. Talk to the teachers and advisers of these programs to learn as much as you can and see what networking opportunities they can suggest.

Send thank you notes to those who help you.

Keep me posted. I would like to help further if I can.

Yeshaswini N’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Probably the best way for you to get a job in radio is by starting out small. Don’t expect to jump straight in at the deep end and become a station manager overnight. You will most likely start out volunteering at commercial radio stations first, then build your way up to a paid position and eventually, the position you are after.

John Peel, for example, started off as an unpaid volunteer at WRR (AM) and worked his way up to be the longest running DJ at BBC Radio 1 to date, not to mention he's remembered as an incredible record producer and journalist. Just bear in mind that a lot of radio stations rely heavily on volunteers, so paid positions are relatively hard to come by outside of organizations like the BBC or Global (for here in the UK).