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Career Questions tagged Music Composition

Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia Mar 10, 2018 517 views

I am a High School student and don't know which career i would choose. For one I know people don't take music seriously, because of the jobs. But I love Both!!

Engineering and Music sound GREAT for me, but every time I search "engineering in the music industry" it says audio engineering, for some reason I was hoping something else. What kind of engineering would it fall under if I were to use it to work in the music industry? #civil-engineering...

Juan Carlos’s Avatar
Juan Carlos Jan 23, 2018 592 views

How do i begin a musical career?

I want to learn how to make music my profession or even where to start.
#music #music-production #music-industry #music-recording #music-education #music-composition

Kelly Munroe’s Avatar
Kelly Nov 27, 2017 539 views

How do i get into a writing or singing position near me?

I have talent, I want to pursue it. I have a BS in english, mostly writing, and I want to know where that can take me. I also can act with my voice more than my expressions. #singing #voiceover #writing #music-composition

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota May 20, 2016 1393 views

Where do composers find their inspiration?

Sometimes when I'm writing, I hit a wall and can't get inspired. Do you have any tips to find a creative spark? #music #music-performance #composition #music-composition

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota May 20, 2016 853 views

How do you go about getting commissioned as a composer?

I wish to make a living as a working composer and am curious as to how current composers get commissions. #music #music-performance #composition #music-composition