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how do you begin a musical career?

I've been interested in music for a long time and i feel like it would be my best choice as a career. I play instruments but how do i get signed by a label company or even get recognized by other people? What are the first steps i would have to take? #music #music-industry #music-recording #music-producer #music-education

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2 answers

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Stephen’s Answer

Explore college, community, and independent non-commercial stations for shows that play music like yours. When you find one send them your music with information about yourself. You can call into the station when the show is on the air and talk to the host/dj as well.

It is really not a great First option as it takes many hard years to break in, if at all. You better get a steady job in another feild and music can be a second choice Jude -SilentBeatz- Kingsley

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Raashid’s Answer

How to Become a Professional Musician
Practice, Practice, Practice. Professional musicians often begin their careers without knowing it at an early age. ...
Study Music Theory or Music Performance. Get your bachelor's degree in music theory or music performance. ...
Work Ethic and Coping Skills. ...
Gain Exposure and Perform Often.