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Career Questions tagged Anthropologist

Halley’s Avatar
Halley May 03, 2019 503 views

What is the daily life of a forensic anthropologist? Do they live comfortable lives and are able to sustain themselves in California?

I was wondering if I could be able to live in California. #forensic #anthropologist #forensicanthropologist #california #sustainment #science

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jan 12, 2018 630 views

what does a normal day of work look like as an Anthropologist?

I’m in 9th grade, and I’ve always loved the concept of Anthropology, but was never really sure what the actual career looked like.

#anthropologist #anthropology #human #culture

Kyrsten’s Avatar
Kyrsten Sep 01, 2017 1358 views

Would going study Veterinary Medicine be a better option or study Anthropology?

I'm having a hard time deciding which path to choose for myself. I've always had my plans set, so not knowing which career field I wanna go to is sort of stressful.
#veterinary-medicine #anthropology #veterinary #animal-health #anthropologist

Eliezer Marcos’s Avatar
Eliezer Marcos Apr 25, 2017 968 views

What is the lifegoal or ambition that your choosen career fulfills and is it truly important?

While having a good paying job that gives one wealth and a good social standing is highly valued in society, feelings of fulfillment is what makes a life worthwhile. Thus having a career that makes one feel accomplished is just as important as having one that pays the bills. What is it that...

Hollie’s Avatar
Hollie Aug 09, 2016 701 views

what is the career of a cultural anthropologist looks like?

I would like to know what it's like to work as a socio-cultural anthropologist other than teaching at school. #career #anthropology #anthropologist