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What is the daily life of a forensic anthropologist? Do they live comfortable lives and are able to sustain themselves in California?

Asked Redwood City, California

I was wondering if I could be able to live in California. #forensic #anthropologist #forensicanthropologist #california #sustainment #science

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Ines’s Answer

Updated Dublin, County Dublin

Hi Halley,

A forensic anthropologist usually spends working hours with cases that has been assigned to or that has personally accepted. It is usually an individual job but there are also teams or you cabe be/have an assistant.

There are many forensic anthropologists that work for universities as associates, teachers or collaborators.

As a forensic anthropologist, you might get the chance to work in criminal cases. Wether it is during an investigation, assisting the police or other appropriate investigative body, or after this one during the trial, you can participate as an expert on the anthropology field, give explanations to non-experts and answer their questions.

Regarding the life of a forensic anthropologist in California, I do not feel 100% satisfied with my knowledge about the situation, but from what I have seen in other states and in several European countries, it is a ver respected career and you will probably find opportunities anywhere you would like to be based.

Hope this helps!

Ines A.