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Marc Angelo’s Avatar
Marc Angelo Apr 19, 2018 521 views

Are there any jobs/careers that I can get in biology that do not require grad school? Do I need grad school to be qualified for a well - paying job?

I am skeptical about grad school due to the additional costs on top of paying for university tuition. #college #graduate-school #biology #job #career #science

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina May 25, 2018 783 views

Is the forensic science department very competitive?

#Forensics #science #forensic-science #chemistry #law-enforcement

Clayton’s Avatar
Clayton Apr 06, 2018 461 views

what college degree would i need in a mechanics class to make a possible income of 100,000$ a year?

Want to know if its worth it.#jobs #engineering #salary

Layna’s Avatar
Layna Aug 11, 2018 558 views

How much biology is required in environmental engineering?

#environment #engineer #environmental-engineering

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Sep 05, 2018 553 views

What is a day in the life of an astronomer involve?

What does an astronomer as a daily routine. Like an astronomer that looks up at the stars.
#astronomy #science #stars

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Jan 17, 2018 699 views

What field of forensic science would be best to go into?

There are multiple different fields in forensic science jobs, such as chemistry and toxicology. I’m not sure which one I should pick and if I’ll make the right choice #forensics #chemistry #science #forensic-science

Claire’s Avatar
Claire Aug 22, 2018 442 views

What is the best way to prepare for a career in veterinary medicine before college?

I am set on becoming a veterinarian and have been ever since I was 8 years old. Just last year I scored a volunteer position at the local humane society and have volunteered for 70 hours there. However, I will be a junior in high school this fall feel like I am not doing enough to prepare and...

Floyd’s Avatar
Floyd Aug 28, 2018 474 views

I am pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. What can I do to make myself more marketable to automobile manufacturers?

Are there certain college courses that I should take or job experiences that I should have before I graduate college?


Anna’s Avatar
Anna Sep 27, 2018 601 views

What can I get involved in to help my application to a dietetics program look better?

#college #science #college-selection #internship #dietetics #nutrition

Mitchell’s Avatar
Mitchell Aug 25, 2018 574 views

Should I attempt to get a co-op with an aerospace company or just a summer internship??

I am just thinking of how I can pay for school and also gain practical knowledge in the field that I want to go into.

#summer-internship #internship #aerospace #engineer

dakota’s Avatar
dakota Nov 15, 2018 531 views

while working in the mechanical engieering field was it challenging

what is required to work with #mechanical-engineering equipment and he type of clothing that is required and does it get easier every time you rebuild a motor?

Andres’s Avatar
Andres Jan 11, 2019 403 views

What is petroleum engineer?


Daniella’s Avatar
Daniella Aug 05, 2018 584 views

At what point during my medical career path should I apply for career-related internships to supplement my college education?

To be a successful student, it is imperative to have practice within a designated career to become an experienced physician and know I will need years of clinical experience. I am wondering, when is it possible/advisable to begin internship work within the approximate 9-10 years of pre-med and...

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Apr 06, 2018 589 views

What is it like being a tractor technician for companies such as John Deere?

I was also wondering what it is like being a tractor technician because I am not sure which to do, diesel mechanic or tractor technician. #farming #mechanic #technician #engineering

Halley’s Avatar
Halley May 03, 2019 443 views

What is the daily life of a forensic anthropologist? Do they live comfortable lives and are able to sustain themselves in California?

I was wondering if I could be able to live in California. #forensic #anthropologist #forensicanthropologist #california #sustainment #science