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Bayonne, New Jersey
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Marc Angelo Apr 19, 2018 629 views

Are there any jobs/careers that I can get in biology that do not require grad school? Do I need grad school to be qualified for a well - paying job?

I am skeptical about grad school due to the additional costs on top of paying for university tuition. #college #graduate-school #biology #job #career #science

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Marc Angelo Apr 09, 2018 681 views

Do I need to attend a top college and have a high GPA in order to be successful in the medical field?

I am currently in high school and pursuing microbiology and medicine. I am unsure as to whether or not it is worth it to stress over grades. #medicine #microbiology #biology #science #microscopy #college #college-admissions

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Marc Angelo Mar 27, 2018 743 views

What is "A Day in the Life" like for a microbiologist?

So far I have done a project on antibiotic resistance and won a prize for doing so. I would like to know what daily life is like and what qualifications I have to have?
I am planning on going into this is into the future. #biology #microbiology #science #bacteria-culture #medicine