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Are there any jobs/careers that I can get in biology that do not require grad school? Do I need grad school to be qualified for a well - paying job?

Asked Bayonne, New Jersey

I am skeptical about grad school due to the additional costs on top of paying for university tuition. #college #graduate-school #biology #job #career #science

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Anne’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Biology" is a big field. You could could work in a lab performing analysis on all types of specimens. Lab biologists work in hospitals, in universities, for the federal and local governments, etc. Sometimes you can even work as a lab scientist without a 4-year degree if you have enough credits and perhaps a certificate. You could also work in environmental, wildlife or fisheries biology and have a job where you work outside. There are many career options for biologists.

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Anne recommends the following next steps:

  • Decide what area of biology seems the most interesting to you and research the types of careers you could have in that field.
  • Research salaries in that area of biology. You can google all this information.
  • Research the colleges and community colleges in your region that have a major in the biological field you're interested in. Some CCs have certificate programs that can get you a job without a 4-year degree. If money is an issue, find local schools that have your major, but lower tuition.
Thank you for the advice!