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What is a day in the life of an astronomer involve?

What does an astronomer as a daily routine. Like an astronomer that looks up at the stars.
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2 answers

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Aaron’s Answer

If you love space and science then astronomy would be a great career to pursue! Here's a little info regarding the day to day...

"One would think that staring at the stars and pondering the interactions of large bodies of matter would involve a life of quiet contemplation, removed from the petty day-to-day distractions of the working world. But if one were to voice that opinion at a convention of astronomers, one would be ridden out on a rail. Astronomers track, study and review data of energy emitted from stars, movements of planetary bodies, and the interactions between these two phenomena. This highly cerebral environment requires a person attentive to detail, willing to work with others, and able to play political academic games. Large telescopes (usually radio telescopes) track interstellar phenomena, collect light from distant starts, sense radioactive emissions, and locate and identify new stellar bodies. Astronomers collect and analyze this data and work with astrophysicists and mathematicians to find better ways of describing the interaction between various bodies of stellar matter and energy. Much work is done using computers to examine how received data matches against expected data; those who have computer skills have a significant edge in the early years of this profession. One professor described the life this way: "We search for all the wonder the universe has to offer by examining every corner and every edge the universe presents us, and yet we are surprised, because in truth, some of the universe we do not understand." Most astronomy jobs are with observatories and universities with large computing departments. Observatory jobs usually involve some communication and/or operation with the academic community. It is not unusual for an astronomer to do research at an observatory while also employed as an instructor in an astronomy department. Those who are not associated with universities are employed by research institutions, planetariums, or as consultants for other areas of scientific inquiry, such as electronic communication technology."

Source : https://www.princetonreview.com/careers/15/astronomer

Other reading: https://astronomerswithoutborders.org/gam2017-news/gam-blog-2017/3880-a-day-in-the-life-of-an-astronomer.html

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Ravindra’s Answer

On a daily basis, astronomers spend most of their time doing one of two things – analysing the data they've collected or researching what is happening and being discovered in their niche area of astronomy by reading other astronomers published papers. ... A theoretical astronomer generally doesn't use a telescope at all