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Orange, California
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My goal for the next 12 years is to attend medical school in the state of Texas and dedicate my studies to the practice of modern medicine, helping people in developing countries who don’t have the means to proper healthcare.



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Daniella Aug 05, 2018 980 views

What organizational methods, study routines, or lifestyle activities better equip an overwhelmed college student to thrive?

In other words, what are some good tips for proactive studying (i.e. making flash cards, taking notes from the book, making diagrams/analogies), for a healthy lifestyle (i.e. daily exercise or exercise ‘X’ times per week, eating a certain diet), and good organization (i.e. keeping a planner,...

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Daniella Aug 05, 2018 743 views

At what point during my medical career path should I apply for career-related internships to supplement my college education?

To be a successful student, it is imperative to have practice within a designated career to become an experienced physician and know I will need years of clinical experience. I am wondering, when is it possible/advisable to begin internship work within the approximate 9-10 years of pre-med and...