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How many positions are the in custodial work, if they're any?

I'm 18 and I am looking for work #work #jobs

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Darin’s Answer

It all depends on the company you work for really. At Disneyland there are a lot of areas and job duties that need to be done, especially working to get the park ready for normal operations the next day. Everything from cleaning and mopping attractions and the various ride vehicles, bathrooms, stores, restaurants, kitchens and cast member backstage areas (that's Disney lingo for areas where employees are like offices and break rooms), hosing down the various lands, to small little tasks like dusting, polishing, sweeping and little projects that are assigned by the area leads or the department managers. There's just so much that goes into my everyday job. And just like I had mentioned about so much that needs to be done in the various lands and cast member work areas, it also depends on what area I get scheduled for as some of those tasks may not be available for set area. I'm sure once the parks get the parks reopen there's going to be a lot to do to get the parks back in order for everyday use