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How do I connect my business right now with my future?

I want to start a social enterprise, how and where do I start? I already have the basics down, business deals and supplies but I am confused on what do actually do. I want to connect this social enterprise with my medical studies since that is what I want to do when I grow up, but I just don't know now what to really do. My social enterprise donates half of its profit to medical research facilities, but that is all, what else can I do with this business to make it connect with my future regarding medicine?

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3 answers

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Daniel’s Answer

It's great that you want to start a social enterprise that aligns with your passion for medicine and medical research. Here are some steps to help you refine your business idea and make stronger connections to your medical studies:

Define Your Mission and Goals:

Clearly define the mission and objectives of your social enterprise. What specific medical causes or research areas do you want to support?
Research and Partnerships:

Identify medical research facilities, nonprofit organizations, or charities that align with your mission. Establish partnerships or collaborations with them to support their work.

Product or Service Alignment:

Ensure that your product or service relates to the medical field in some way. For example, if you're selling products, consider creating health-related or medical-themed items. If it's a service, find ways to tie it into healthcare or wellness.

Education and Awareness:

Use your business as a platform to educate your customers and the public about medical issues and research. Raise awareness about the importance of medical research and the specific projects your enterprise supports.

Events and Workshops:

Organize events, workshops, or seminars related to medical topics. This can help bridge the gap between your social enterprise and your medical studies.

Fundraising Campaigns:

Run fundraising campaigns or events that specifically support medical research. Encourage your customers to contribute beyond the automatic donation from their purchases.

Transparency and Communication:

Clearly communicate how the donations are used and the impact they've had on medical research. Transparency can build trust and engage customers.

Engage the Medical Community:

Reach out to your medical school, professors, and fellow students. They might provide insights, support, or even participate in your venture.
Social Media and Content:

Use social media and content marketing to share medical knowledge, stories, and updates related to your field. This can help you connect your social enterprise with your medical studies.

Legal and Tax Considerations:

Ensure your business is set up legally, and you comply with tax regulations for social enterprises, especially when dealing with donations and nonprofit partnerships.

Measure Impact:

Establish clear metrics to measure the impact of your donations and the difference you're making in medical research. Share this impact with your customers.


Attend medical conferences, events, and networking opportunities to meet professionals and researchers who can provide guidance and support.

Continuous Learning:

Stay updated on developments in the medical field to better understand the areas where your social enterprise can have the most significant impact.

Remember that connecting your social enterprise with your medical studies is an ongoing process. Stay open to feedback, adjust your strategy as needed, and be patient as your venture evolves to make a meaningful difference in the field of medicine.
Thank you comment icon Thank you, this is amazing! I really needed it. Pal
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Katherine’s Answer

You'll probably want to spend a little time checking out Ken Coleman's book From Paycheck to Purpose, and also this workbook ( for some ideas. What you have dreams of doing sounds totally awesome!
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James Constantine’s Answer

Hello Pal,

Bridging Your Enterprise with Your Medical Future: A Detailed Roadmap

As an aspiring doctor with a keen interest in social entrepreneurship, you've embarked on a journey to effect positive change. By launching a social enterprise that contributes half of its earnings to medical research, you've shown your dedication to fostering a brighter future for all. However, to fully harness your enterprise in realizing your medical ambitions, you might want to consider the following steps:

1. Establish Your Vision and Mission:
Before setting sail, it's crucial to establish your vision and mission statements. Your vision should encapsulate what you aim to accomplish through your social enterprise, while your mission should detail your strategy to realize it. For instance, your vision could be "Creating a world where healthcare is equally accessible to all," and your mission could be "Offering affordable, top-notch medical devices to disadvantaged communities."

2. Analyze and Comprehend Your Target Market:
To guarantee your social enterprise's success, you must thoroughly comprehend your target market. Carry out market research to pinpoint your target audience's specific needs, buying behaviors, and expectations from a social enterprise like yours. This will enable you to customize your offerings to effectively meet their needs.

3. Cultivate a Robust Brand Identity:
Your brand identity differentiates your social enterprise from others in the market. Cultivate a compelling brand name, logo, and tagline that echo your values and mission. Maintain consistent branding across all your promotional materials, including your website, social media, and packaging.

4. Forge a Network of Partnerships:
To broaden your influence and impact, you might need to forge partnerships with other entities, like non-profits, government bodies, and medical institutions. These partnerships can offer valuable resources like funding, expertise, and networking opportunities, aiding your social enterprise's growth.

5. Create a Sustainable Business Model:
To secure your social enterprise's longevity, you must create a sustainable business model. This involves devising ways to generate predictable, scalable revenue streams that align with your mission. Consider offering a variety of products and services, diversifying your revenue sources, and leveraging technology to streamline your operations.

6. Prioritize Customer Engagement:
Customer engagement is vital to any business's success, and social enterprises are no exception. Create a customer engagement strategy that encompasses regular communication, feedback channels, and opportunities for customers to participate in your cause. This will help you cultivate a devoted customer base and attract new customers through word-of-mouth recommendations.

7. Assess and Evaluate Your Impact:
Lastly, it's crucial to routinely assess and evaluate your social enterprise's impact. This will help you determine whether you're fulfilling your mission and vision, and pinpoint areas for enhancement. Use metrics like financial performance, customer satisfaction, and social impact to gauge your progress and make necessary adjustments.

In conclusion, bridging your enterprise with your medical future necessitates meticulous planning, strategic decision-making, and a commitment to your mission and values. By adhering to these steps and remaining faithful to your vision, you can build a successful social enterprise that significantly impacts the world.

Authoritative Reference Titles:

1. "Social Entrepreneurship: The Craft of Mission-Based Venture Development" by Bill Drayton and Paul J. H. Schmitz
2. "The Social Enterprise Manual: A Detailed Guide to Building a Successful Social Enterprise" by Lisa H. Levy and Marissa R. Yoo
3. "Earning and Impacting: A Guide to Funding Your Social Enterprise" by Jed Emerson and Ben Thaman

Stay Blessed and Take Good Care,