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Katherine Avery

Run a music studio and teach private music lessons; teach college-level religion classes
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Spanish Fork, Utah
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Mercy yesterday 277 views

How can I start my own business with saving?

I want to start my own business with the savings that I have since middle school, so I wish to know how little can I start which will help me grow and open a better business in the future

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Eddie yesterday 181 views

How can I start a business with little or no capital?

How can I start a business with little or no capital?

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Mar 27 401 views

How can I become rich?

I want to be able to buy my mom a house and retire her

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Edith Apr 02 1212 views

How do I know what to do to get a job?

I'm 15 years old in high school and I've been looking for a job since my sophomore year, so I'm trying to get a job for my senior year. I found options and started taking action for them (i.e. finding employers with available jobs and emailing them), but I don't really feel prepared enough for...

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raymond Apr 04 418 views

What should I do now i dont wanna go to school anymore buh my parents keep insisting so what now ? tell me your honest opinion thanks?

JUST NEED to prove to my parents that school aint worth it
ive pitched some ideas to my parents they dont listen

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Vivian Apr 08 710 views

How do I identify the best career path to follow ?

How do I identify the best career path to follow? In business? Or art?
Am Vivia in 12th grade.
It seems overwhelming to me..and I am having a hard time deciding.

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Princess Apr 09 425 views

Hi my name is can I start a business#business ?

Hi my name is princess,how can I start a business?#business

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Daniel Apr 11 424 views

What do I go for in a business?

I really desire to get a valid response.

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Cihan Apr 11 370 views

What are some ways entrepreneurs choose business ideas ?

What is some common methodology successful business people use to find and come up with ideas?

bramwel’s Avatar
bramwel Apr 13 486 views

what is the best business administranion?

business tips

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Peter Apr 14 720 views

How can you manage a start-up business and how can I manage my financial state when I'm just about to start my business. Is it advisable to start big or start small?

I am in grade 12 currently and want to start-up a small business for myself for making extra cash

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Amelia Apr 13 286 views

How to progress in ones business ?

The business of done how can he move forward

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Rosebud Apr 16 421 views

Pro of business management ?

What are the do's and don'ts in managing a business?

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claire Apr 17 817 views

what is a good sructure in business?

tips structire tipds

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Jesus Apr 18 626 views

Exercises for vocal and piano improvement ?

What after some exercises that will help me get better vocally as in clearer notes or any tips , and exercises to improve hand coordination and independence?