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Career Questions tagged Performance

Jake C.’s Avatar
Jake C. Feb 26 179 views

What should someone going into the music industry major in and take for extracuriculars?

Hi, so I plan on going into the music industry but I also want to go to college. Is there a major that would be best? Also are there any other music-related extracurriculars I could participate in? music college-major majors entertainment music-indudstry musician...


Amelia C.’s Avatar
Amelia C. Apr 19, 2018 436 views

How does someone land a job on Broadway?

I work in technical theatre and I aspire to one day work on Broadway. After I earn my BFA I want to immediately start working. I want to know who to ask, who to call, who I need to know to land this dream job. I want to first just get a job running a show and prepping for shows and eventually...

theater techie actor drama performing-arts theatre broadway acting performance

Amelia C.’s Avatar
Amelia C. Apr 20, 2018 422 views

What secondary schools have the best or most acclaimed Technical Theatre Design and Production department

I plan on majoring in that field, I want a school that would grow my education instead of using my education as an excuse for free labor. I have a great standing knowledge on the matter, I want to earn expertise in this field. A school that starts with their student already knowing the basics....

college theater production stage-design theater-production majoring-in-theatre college-selection drama theatre performing-arts design art college-major performance

Samantha E.’s Avatar
Samantha E. Apr 27, 2018 469 views

How can I access information about casting calls being held?

I would want to audition for movies but I don't even know how to look for them. casting performing-arts audition arts theater theatre acting...


kyla H.’s Avatar
kyla H. Jun 27, 2018 379 views

what are the steps to be a famous singer??

I've always wanted to be a famous singer but i never know how .singer music recording-arts music-industry performance performing-arts vocal...


VIL 2.’s Avatar
VIL 2. Jul 18, 2018 363 views

Do dancers ever use augmented reality? -Sidney

I'm in middle school, and I like dancing and theatre. Do dancers ever use AR? dance performance AR VR augmentedreality STEM Verizon...


Tessa G.’s Avatar
Tessa G. May 16, 2016 738 views

What is the best way to get into the music business industry?

I am going to a community college for two years for my generals and the transferring to a four year college to pursue my music career and I would like to know what is the best way to get into the music business industry faster. business music...