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what are the steps to be a famous singer??

Updated Sioux City, Iowa

I've always wanted to be a famous singer but i never know how .#singer #music #recording-arts #music-industry #performance #performing-arts #vocal #vocalist

2 answers

David’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Did you know that two of the most famous vocal recordings, came from drummers. Phil Collins and Peter Chris. One of the steps, is to be inspired by someone famous. So listen to Beth, by Kiss. It’s not so much the vocals, but the melody and the truth and emotion behind it.

Go to you tube, and listen to unfinished songs. Just listen and see if a melody doesn’t come to you. Just start humming. Then write something. Then sing it. Kirt Cobain’s first song was on the base, I think. And it was loud and distorted. Nevertheless he wrote his first song and probably was one of the most famous singers, ever.

The next and last step is to start lip rolling. Brett Manning (singingtosuccess.com) With that technique, you will be able to do things with your voice, that other famous singers can only dream of.

Paul’s Answer

Updated Livingston, Texas

Follow your dream, keep nose clean & stay out of trouble. Practice hard