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Nir Krawczyk

Software Engineer
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Yonkers, New York
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Hammed’s Avatar
Hammed Jan 16, 2018 839 views

What is the next thing to do after discovering two things that you love doing?

I am currently fighting it out on my music and designing passion, I love both, yes I love music more and I grew up in church, half of my life has been in church, but I love music from the secular world a lot and some good Christian music, but no doubt that I love hip-hop rnb rap music a...

abi’s Avatar
abi Sep 04, 2018 876 views

What's the salary of professional singers in LA?

#singer #salary #LA #music #art #performing-arts #voice #vocals #singing #performer #performance

Yasily’s Avatar
Yasily Oct 08, 2018 2720 views

I want to become a singer,how many years do I have to spend in college to become one?

Can you leave college after thouse years? am I allowed Too? #music

Nohealani’s Avatar
Nohealani May 12, 2016 1330 views

What career should I pursue?

I love to since, dance, and play music. What are some potential careers I could do?
#singer #music #dance #art #performing #performing-arts #career #college

Reinaldo’s Avatar
Reinaldo May 12, 2020 621 views

What is the better and easy job for the computers,and how it's work

#computer #computer-engineering

Quinn’s Avatar
Quinn May 29, 2018 1153 views

What is the best way for a drummer to become a worship leader in a ministry or church?

#worship #religion #youth #music #seminary

Madeline’s Avatar
Madeline May 11, 2016 1095 views

Do multiple free-lance careers work well together?

I'm going to be an undergraduate studying harp performance, but am also interested in writing and translating. Have you found that balancing multiple different careers took a lot of organizing, but proves feasible, or is it spreading your time and training too thin? #writer #musician...

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Jan 16, 2018 780 views

Has anyone combined a dual major in Music and Psychology and what kinds of work are there that use both degrees?

My name is Aiden. I am 17 years old and I live on the Southern Oregon Coast in a little town with about 1000 people. I am going to George Fox University in Fall 2018. I love both music and psychology and I would like to find a career that combines and uses both of them. I am having some...

Diamond’s Avatar
Diamond May 13, 2016 1078 views

How does one go about looking for a programming job?

I'm guessing that I'm not gonna find a job by seeing a sign in a window somewhere. So do I look on the internet and if so do you have a suggested site? This is just for my future self. #jobs #programming #tech #websites #companies

Diamond’s Avatar
Diamond Oct 31, 2018 1091 views

What are the pros and cons of making it into the music industry?

#musicindustry #music #singing #singer #singer-songwriter

safina’s Avatar
safina May 11, 2016 1027 views

How do I become a singer?

In the future I want to become a singer. #singer #art #performing-arts #music #career #college #career-counseling

Milton’s Avatar
Milton May 02, 2016 1082 views

What do you study to become programming engineer?

I want to be a programmer when I grow up. #engineer #computer

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jan 16, 2018 1018 views

Is it possible to do a dual major in history and engineering?

I am very passionate about both of those two fields and I was wondering if I could reasonably do both #technology #history #tech

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Jun 22, 2016 1053 views

What are steps for me to take to be come Programmer?

Hi, i'm High school student I been here for 6 months in U.S. I found programming interesting. I am from Guatemala but in my country is difficult to achieve this, and I would like some help to achieve this goal.
Would love any help or advice!
#technology #programming #programmer #google

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Apr 29, 2018 1004 views

How can you save money when your future depends on you spending it?

I love music and I plan to become a band director and in order to get accepted into a good music school I need to stay in the band program at my school. To be in the program it costs $1250 each year and $1000 to join a winter program. I love this program but I just don't know if I can afford it...