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What is the next thing to do after discovering two things that you love doing?

Updated Lagos, Nigeria

I am currently fighting it out on my music and designing passion, I love both, yes I love music more and I grew up in church, half of my life has been in church, but I love music from the secular world a lot and some good Christian music, but no doubt that I love hip-hop rnb rap music a lot, so which do I pick? Because I find myself doing the mix of secular and gospel each time I try to compose music. Thank you all. #conflict of interest #career-choice #music #composing #design

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Joe’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Hey Hammed,

Choosing between two or more things you love doing as a career can be tricky, but is something most of us go through. You're not alone. As a software development professional I'm also a hobbyist photographer and fairly skilled UX Designer.

Place yourself in the shoes of a person who has a career in specifically one thing that you love doing. How does that make you feel? Write down some ways it made you feel good and some ways it didn't. Write down some logical pro's and cons as well considering likely salary, work/life balance, creative freedom, or whatever else is important to you. Now do the same for the other thing(s) you love.

Now, consider if there's overlap between the things you love. Compare it to a college Major and Minor. As a Software Developer fulltime I find opportunities sometimes to put on my UX designer hat and I relish the opportunity, but I'm happy to devote the majority of my time to programming. If you had to choose a 90/10 balance, which would you choose for 90?

Lastly, remember that choosing a primary career doesn't mean you won't be able to pursue your other interests in the rest of your life. Quite the opposite, being able to do both shows a healthy life balance by doing the things you love even if it's just for fun.

Joe recommends the following next steps:

  • Imagine a career in one specific thing you love. Write down how it makes you feel (good/bad). Write down some facts about that career (pros/cons).
  • Repeat for each thing you love.
  • Compare, contrast.
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