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I want to become a singer,how many years do I have to spend in college to become one?


Can you leave college after thouse years? am I allowed Too? #music

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David’s Answer


I am not currently aware of any credited vocal colllege. But there may be. Singing for four years only, can fry your vocal cords and they are your life as a singer. If you want to be a singer, start today. And stop talking during the day as much as you can. That will preserve your singing voice. Lip rolls and tounge trills are the best way to develop your voice. Brett Manning: http://singingtosuccess.com/ is a good start. You don’t have to be born with talent to be a singer. You can go to You Tube and look for lip roll demonstration. You should be able to find them there. Feel free to ask me any more questions about vocal training.