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What are steps for me to take to be come Programmer?

Hi, i'm High school student I been here for 6 months in U.S. I found programming interesting. I am from Guatemala but in my country is difficult to achieve this, and I would like some help to achieve this goal.
Would love any help or advice!
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2 answers

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Frank’s Answer

Obviously, you have access to the internet. Might I recommend that you journey over to Coursera.com? There are many developer classes there. I recommend you try it. We need good developers, and as the world becomes more technologically facing, there will be a need for folks who can do this.

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迪’s Answer

I suggest that you study in a suitable environment. It is a waste to explore and apply the expertise you have learned in an immature environment. If you really like programming, you'd better learn in the US or Europe. When Guatemala's social and economic development can meet the needs of your return to development, you can come back to do your business.