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What is the better and easy job for the computers,and how it's work

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3 answers

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Nitasha’s Answer

Interesting question, I think depending on what computer courses you are taking as a student, you could find multiple jobs in computers to start with which are fun and exciting. For example, Microsoft excel - a lot of analytical, statistical work can be done using excel sheets. Probably a simple course on Microsoft excel and its added as a skillset in your resume. And it provides a lot of opportunities to be hired as a data analyst in software companies.
Quality Engineering, if you want to work for a product based company, they all have openings to hire Quality engineers who could help do testing of their products before launch. It's a very fun and creative job, if you like to find bugs, faults in Software & hardware you use. This also gives you the opportunity further down to learn some programming skills like scripting, Python which could help you to automate your test cases and become a Software Developer.

One secret about me - That's how I started my career and I am a data-engineering manager today.

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Reinaldo O. Thanks so much for your question :).

You may already know...computers serve to make many, many jobs easy and better. That is mostly because by using computers, we can do tasks faster or we can do tasks that are difficult to maintain if done by hand.

You may also already know...that there are many different types of computers. Think about a cell phone. It used to be that a cell phone was only for making and receiving phone calls. Now a cell phone is much, much more than that. With the use of your phone you can do math, connect with others, watch videos...so there are many things that your cell phone, which in my view is a type of computer, can do.

The power that young people like you have is in learning about how to do work in or on computers. For sure there is no shortage of ways to learn about how computers work. To decide where to start to learn, I encourage you to think about how you use computers in your everyday life and from there, grow your curiosity to find out how what you are using works. If there is a specific app that you like to use, you may become interested in how to create an app. If you are into art, you may want to learn something like graphic design. How something is designed, especially how it looks, is very important and controls a lot in terms of how or if users pay attention to it...

Lots to learn here, but I think you are starting out by asking the right questions.

Good luck!

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Yusef’s Answer

Easy may not be exactly what you are looking for. I think it takes a certain skillset to be a Network Engineer and to be a Programmer/Coder. The skillsets for both of these jobs are very different although they both involve computers. I would recommend doing some research and read a little bit about each and believe me you then know which is for you.