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What is the daily routine of a scare actor?

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2 answers

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Tiffany’s Answer


It depends on where you will be performing. I have worked as a scare actor at Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, and typically we would arrive at our call time to get put into costume and makeup. Then our sets would include 45 mins on 45 mins off (normally) since there were multiple casts. I was a backup which meant that I would show up and go wherever they needed me to. We would have to show up to work warmed up and ready to go. For the houses, they usually have "triggers" which were just buttons or pedals a scare actor would push to create a lighting and/or sound effect. Those would help you not lose your voice.

In some other haunts, they might have smaller casts so the sets may be longer. I have worked with some smaller haunts and they do not necessarily have triggers either, so it is important to not hurt your voice. I agree with the answer above-- warmups are so important for this kind of work.

Have fun and good luck!

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Matthaeus’s Answer

so daily routines would have to be try to do voice warmups, because yo will tend to do voices that can strain your throat so its best you know how far your voice can reach and techniques that can help with that. I would also suggest doing yoga because it will limber you up and help you move freely