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R Apr 06 319 views

How important are extra-curricular activities and like student clubs, volunteering etc to getting into med school? I'm a bit worried because in my first year of university I just focused on school and didn't join any clubs yet.

Yeah like the title says, I feel a bit behind the curve because although I have a good GPA from my first year, my resume and professional life are kind of lacking in regards to some of my peers. I do plan on volunteering and trying to get coop jobs this summer and of course later on in...

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Crystal Sep 30, 2021 233 views

Do you recommend being in medical and if so why??

#hospital-and-health-care #medical #everyone

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Sameer Apr 01, 2021 325 views

How competitive is med school?

I'm currently a college pre-med student and I was wondering how competitive is med school and how competitive is it to get in. #medical-school

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Ellie Sep 27, 2020 420 views

Should I apply to PA school or medical school?

I'm a senior in college now, and I'm just finishing up my pre-med courses. After I graduate, I am planning on taking a gap year. If I want to go to medical school after the gap year, I should plan on taking the MCAT in the coming months and apply in May. I don't know why, but I'm having such a...

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Vanisha Aug 24, 2020 273 views

What is the most common med school interview question?

#medical-school #interview

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Nga Jul 18, 2020 311 views

How can I learn to be empathetic, confident and outgoing in college.

#pre-med #july20 #july #college

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Aleksandra Jul 29, 2020 407 views

Applying to Med School as a Low Income Student?

I know that the general advice for premed students is to keep undergraduate debt low, since the cost of applying can be thousands to begin with. I don't have concerns about having undergrad debt because of my school's generous financial aid (I get school grants, Pell Grants, work study, etc.)....

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Apr 22, 2020 436 views

Who does more of the work, doctors or nurses?

#medical #medicine #health #hospital-and-health-care #doctor

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Iqra Apr 17, 2020 444 views

What exactly does the path to becoming a doctor look like?

So I know that this answer will vary depending upon the type of doctor you decide to be, but a general answer will suffice. Is it just get you B.S/B.A, go to medical school, residency, and then a job? #medicine #doctor #medical #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #doctor

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Karina Jan 27, 2020 330 views

What are your strengths and how will they help as a CNA?

#medicine #nursing #hospital-and-health-care

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Alyssa Dec 12, 2019 392 views

What is the best way to prepare for a pre-med program?

Hello, I’m in 11th grade and I am highly interested in becoming an anesthesiologist. Of course, with this in mind I’ve been trying my best to excel in chemistry, biology and other helpful classes. I’m wondering if there are any other ways or a better approach to preparing myself for a...

Daliah’s Avatar
Daliah Sep 06, 2019 283 views

how do i get through medical school without giving up?

I want to go to medical school. #medicine #doctor #medicine-school

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Valeria Oct 03, 2019 232 views

How many hours a week does a doctor work during their residency years?

#medicine #doctor

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Victoria Sep 06, 2019 203 views

What is campus like at baylor ?

#college #medical-school

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Victoria Mar 06, 2018 501 views

What is a typical day as a family physician?

#family-medicine #emergency-medicine I am asking because i am trying to decide on what specialty to go in.