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Daniel C.’s Avatar
Daniel C. Jan 16, 2018 326 views

What is the best major to pursue if I am looking at following the career path of Software Engineering?

I have been told that the major was Conputer Science, however, I would like to make sure that is correct. I want to choose the right major for the job I want rather than accidentally choosing the wrong major and finding out later in my college career. #technology...


Alexia L.’s Avatar
Alexia L. May 13, 2016 519 views

I want to work for a non profit helping humans with illness mostly mental and help animals what should I major in?

I love everything, i want to work for a non profit helping people and animals and also educating them and therapy idk what to major in, i love teaching in third world countries, i love cultures traveled the work i speak 4 languages i love government and UN stuff, i also love bio and science and...

#it-management #therapy #biology #nonprofits #united-nations

Javonte S.’s Avatar
Javonte S. May 24, 2016 424 views

Do you make a lot of money?

My teachers told me that engineers make lots of many. I want to know if this is true....


Sierra O.’s Avatar
Sierra O. Dec 19, 2016 413 views

What are some ways to improve creative problem solving skills?

It's important to be creative if you want to be accomplished in engineering and I'd like to really start developing the mindset. The other day my teacher showed me a game she used called Disruptus in which you look at cards with ideas or object and try to innovate something new based off of...


Aidan B.’s Avatar
Aidan B. Aug 14, 2019 199 views

How do I become an actor at the age of 15?

I have been wanting to act for a while now and I've only took one year of theater and I'm about to take my second year, I'm a 15 yo male, 5'10 #actor #acting #actors #theatre #theater...


Chandler F.’s Avatar
Chandler F. Nov 28, 2017 591 views

Tips on public speaking?

I’ve always hated public speaking.... I was wondering what some tips are for staying calm while giving presentations #public-speaking #public-relations #public-sector #motivational-speaking #speaking #presentations...


Caitlin B.’s Avatar
Caitlin B. Apr 25, 2016 7936 views
Erick G.’s Avatar
Erick G. Mar 20, 2020 655 views

Is it even worth it to look for an internship for this summer?

I was looking for an accounting internship but with #covid-19 is it even worth my time? #accounting...


abby T.’s Avatar
abby T. Oct 24, 2020 56 views

is nursing fun now like 2020-2021 year

Im high school student at mcneil high school and i want to be a nurse after school and i'm also im in 11th grade the college i want to go to texas A&M in corpus christi #high-school-students...


Kiran F.’s Avatar
Kiran F. Feb 25, 2017 639 views

Which universities are offering associate degrees ?

I want to do 2 year associate degree but I need to know which universities are offering that ? I have google it but it seams mostly community colleges are offering associate degree but if you know any university are offering please tell me Maybe in Virginia or Texas or Maryland...

LaRon J.’s Avatar
LaRon J. Jan 16, 2018 356 views

Can I make a decent living working in a non-profit capacity?

I really enjoy helping others and want to help people who are trying to improve their lives. I've been told, however, that non-profit work, although satisfying, doesn't pay well. Can I make enough money to live an average or above average lifestyle?...


Aldair L.’s Avatar
Aldair L. Jul 31, 2020 164 views

How much time should I realistically spend studying in college?

Im going into college next year (2021) and right now during high school I don't spend a large amount of time studying. I wanted to know so I could start changing my habits during my last year of Highschool. #general #july20...


LaRon J.’s Avatar
LaRon J. Jan 16, 2018 507 views

Can I get a job with no experience?

I am a senior in college to receive a bachelor's degree in accounting. I haven't worked any job in ten years. I have no experience in the accounting field. Will I be able to find work in my field? #accounting #college #experience...


Divya S.’s Avatar
Divya S. Jun 22, 2020 213 views

What can I do in my undergrad to gain experience in the pharmacy industry and understand if it's something I'd like to pursue?

I'm currently a biochemistry major possibly on a pre-medical track but genuinely I have very little idea what career I would like to pursue. Being a pharmacist is a job that piques my interest, but I don't know how to gain the experience I need to understand if it's the right industry for me...

#career #pharmacy #pharmacist #medicine

Sydney G.’s Avatar
Sydney G. Nov 29, 2020 90 views

Is getting into Harvard hard

I'm in 12th grade and want to know before I enter Harvard law school #law...


manuel R.’s Avatar
manuel R. May 22, 2018 254 views

How to stand out to employers

What are some things you can do in college to stand out to an employer after you're done with college and looking for a career....


Sydney G.’s Avatar
Sydney G. Nov 29, 2020 86 views

How long is law school

I want to be able to have the the power to make a difference through law and Ability to help others. #law-school...


Becca H.’s Avatar
Becca H. May 17, 2016 462 views
Becca H.’s Avatar
Becca H. May 11, 2016 618 views

I know that math is a big part of engineering, but how big?

Am thinking about becoming an engineer, but I'm afraid of all of the math....


Sydney G.’s Avatar
Sydney G. Nov 29, 2020 168 views

How much is Harvard's tuition per semester

I want to get in Harvard, but curious of the tuition per semester #law-enforcement...


kamila M.’s Avatar
kamila M. Jun 12, 2019 212 views
Jesse A.’s Avatar
Jesse A. Apr 25, 2016 765 views

How exactly do engineers turn science into reality?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career....


Debi R.’s Avatar
Debi R. Jun 12, 2019 164 views
Lilly C.’s Avatar
Lilly C. Jul 13, 2018 251 views
Ana G.’s Avatar
Ana G. Nov 10, 2020 145 views

What are the things I must prepare for, before going into college/medical school

I'm in my first year of high school and I can't wait to begin furthering my ambition of becoming a neurosurgeon. I want the best advice for that profession. #givingiscaring...


Kaitlyn T.’s Avatar
Kaitlyn T. Jun 12, 2019 258 views
Javonte S.’s Avatar
Javonte S. May 20, 2016 581 views

How long does it take to be a doctor?

My mom said it takes a long time....


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