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Anyienza P. Jul 23, 2018 217 views
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abby T. Oct 24 22 views

is nursing fun now like 2020-2021 year

Im high school student at mcneil high school and i want to be a nurse after school and i'm also im in 11th grade the college i want to go to texas A&M in corpus christi #high-school-students...


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Aric H. May 05, 2016 787 views

What is the daily work life of a pastry chef like? What is the hardest part of the job?

I am a shy person who likes to read and play games and have been interested in pastry since I was little. #chef...


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Lilly C. Jul 23, 2018 239 views
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Becca H. May 17, 2016 494 views

How do I become a fashion designer?

I like fashion but I'm not sure how to make it a career....


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Ana G. Jul 13, 2018 166 views

Becoming A Doctor

What is primarily required in order for you to become a doctor...


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Erick G. Mar 20 580 views

Is it even worth it to look for an internship for this summer?

I was looking for an accounting internship but with #covid-19 is it even worth my time? #accounting...


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Shruthi B. Oct 20, 2016 536 views

How do I, as a high schooler, figure out exactly what I'm interested in career wise?

All my life, I've always wanted to go into medicine, but recently I've been having doubts as 10 years of medical school sounds daunting and expensive. I'm trying to look for more options and see if medicine truly is the path for me so I'm taking a lot of experimental classes such as computer...

#computer-science #hiring #college-major #volunteering #psychology #graphic-design #medicine

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Litzy V. May 04, 2016 425 views
Javonte S.’s Avatar
Javonte S. May 24, 2016 584 views

What kind of things do doctors do?

I want to be a doctor. I dont know what all they do. #doctor...


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Elizabeth G. Mar 31, 2018 508 views

How am I going to pay off my college debt?

My parents are separated, and my mother is barely able to keep my family afloat. Many nights I've had to go to bed hungry because my mother simply couldn't afford to buy food. I work a part-time job, but because my mother asks for money constantly, I lose my paychecks quickly. Nobody is going...

#doctor #college #money-management #collegedebt #premed #help #debt #money #medicine

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Mia M. Jul 13, 2018 200 views
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emma H. Jul 13, 2018 302 views

what is law school like an how does it work?

do you go to regular college an then law school or just law school ?...


Kaitlyn T.’s Avatar
Kaitlyn T. Jun 12, 2019 231 views
Green Teen K.’s Avatar
Green Teen K. May 09, 2016 1547 views
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Brooke Y. Jun 23, 2016 587 views

What year in college do you need to start thinking about graduate school, medical school, law school, etc?

I'm curious when I need to start thinking about the future education I will need once I graduate. I know that there is no time like the present, but what is realistic? #college #law #pre-med...


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Kristo M. Jul 13, 2018 247 views
Ignacio S.’s Avatar
Ignacio S. May 09, 2016 848 views
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Tre G. May 13, 2016 632 views

What degree do you need to become a veterinarian?

I am currently in the 4th grade and I am starting to think about what classes I will need to take in high school and college to become a veterinarian. #veterinarian...


Isabela E.’s Avatar
Isabela E. Jul 13, 2018 252 views
Divya S.’s Avatar
Divya S. Jul 19 78 views

What does a day in the life of a hospital pharmacist look like?

I'm an undergrad considering a career in pharmacy. I would love to hear about what a typical day is like in the field, especially since volunteer and shadowing opportunities are currently hard to come by due to the pandemic. #july #july20...


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Pablo A. May 04, 2016 624 views

How many years of college do you need to be an architect?

I like drawing and building and I want to be an architect. I want to use environmental skills in architecture. I'd also love to know how much this type of education might cost. #architect #architecture #education...


Britany W.’s Avatar
Britany W. Jul 30, 2017 498 views

What do I do with my degree?!

I am a recent graduate with a Master of Arts degree in Forensic Psychology and have NO idea what the next step is. I have considered juvenile probation, but I think my end goal is to work for the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit. I just want to know what types of careers people with this degree...

#masters-degree #forensic-psychology #masters-in-psychology #behavioral-counseling

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Kayla F. Jun 12, 2019 368 views
Kimberly H.’s Avatar
Kimberly H. May 31, 2018 264 views

Are you able to learn or continue to learn instruments in college?

I would like to know if this is dependent on the college/university or even offered....


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