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What are your strengths and how will they help as a CNA?

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3 answers

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Kerrie’s Answer

My strengths are compassion, caring, loving, and listening. These would really help as a CNA because of the contact you have with patients on a daily basis. The time that nurses and CNAs get to spend with patients makes a huge difference when it can be received as loving, compassionate, caring, and that you are taking the time to listen to the patient. If you are just going into the room to do a task and leave quickly without really acknowledging the patient, they pick up on this and may feel like a burden and they may not ask for help when they really need it. The healthcare setting is oftentimes very fast-paced, but simple gestures as acknowledging something specific about a patient when you enter their room or making the effort to listen to them goes a long way!

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James’s Answer

hi karina. i'm a fellow texan. i'm also a medical doctor who works with a few nurses and numerous CNAs in a nursing home in alaska where we jointly take care of 18 native alaskan (Eskimo) "elders." i forwarded your question to my director of nurses and she posed your question to 3 of our current CNAs. here's what they said.

“My strengths would be trustworthy and respectfulness. These will help as a CNA because you want your residents/ team to be able to trust you with their care. You also want to be respectful to everyone in this field. Being respectful helps you earn everyone’s trust, helps them feel safe, and also makes the workplace a good environment.”

“My strengths as a CNA are caring, respectful, and attentive. They help me as a CNA because you need to be all 3 to take good quality care of other people. The elders need someone who will truly take care of them and their needs.”

“My biggest strength that I work on daily is my patience. Working with elders requires a lot of patience. Respect also plays a big role.”

hope that helps you to contemplate your future path. Good Luck!

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Dr. Frank’s Answer

The attributes and strengths needed as a certified nurse assistant are as follows:

Knowledge You will get a solid start during your CNA training program.

Communication skills. In a team, everyone relies on accurate information from the others.



Emotional stability.

Physical strength.
Attention to detail.

Compassion and Patience.


Physical and Emotional Strength.

These are Top Skills Every Caregiver Should Have:

Excellent verbal and written communication. Among the many CNA skills, strong communication skills are one of the most important.

Astute observation skills.
Ability to follow set rules and protocol.

Time management and organizational skills.