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Crystal G. May 22, 2016 616 views

Best study strategies in Nursing School?

I do not have the best study strategies currently, but they have gotten me this far. I will be attending nursing school this fall for the ADN program. I will pursue a BSN, and eventually would like to pursue a degree in Nurse Midwifery. What are some of the best study strategies that worked for...

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Ruth O.’s Avatar
Ruth O. May 24, 2016 620 views

Is it true that the nursing career is heading towards more of a Bachelors degree?

I am currently enrolled in high school and community college. I am taking community college course in order to get a jumpstart in my career as a Registered Nurse; however, I have heard than nurse should have a bachelors degree to at least be considered for a job. On the other hand, I am willing...

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Dystany G.’s Avatar
Dystany G. Oct 20, 2016 516 views

What classes should I really focus on in college when wanting to become a nurse anesthetist?

I ask this because my future goal is to become a nurse anesthetist and to major in nursing when attending college #registered-nurses...


Alaina D.’s Avatar
Alaina D. Oct 21, 2016 532 views

Do nurse anesthetists work very closely with anesthesiologists?

I am planning on being a nurse anesthetist. I would like to learn as much as I can about this job and maybe even get some experience to make sure it is what I want. #nurse...


cecilia S.’s Avatar
cecilia S. Mar 08, 2017 731 views

To become a good nurse do i need to go to collage or can i take nursing school? Would i have the same benefits ?

i want to know the best thing to become a good nurse but that wont take a lot of money. #nurse...


Melissa W.’s Avatar
Melissa W. Jul 23, 2019 373 views

Do you have any regrets choosing to go into the medical field? Why or why not?

This question can be for anyone in the medical field but I'm specifically curious about nurse midwives. #medicine #nursing #nurse...


Serena M.’s Avatar
Serena M. Aug 26, 2019 78 views

Would my strengths, weaknesses and hobbies make me fit for this career?

I am a senior in high school, I am thinking about going into nursing at Western Dakota Tech. I work as a CNA at the Good Samaritan and I just applied for PCT at the hospital in town. #nursing #nursing #medicine...


Veronica B.’s Avatar
Veronica B. Sep 17, 2019 355 views

Is it true or false that the fastest way in becoming a RN ( Registered Nurse) is to first be a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) ?

I am currently in a trade school for CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) , after I complete my trade I am planning on going to LBCC community college. #registered-nurses #nursing #healthcare #medicine #nurse...


sabrina M.’s Avatar
sabrina M. Jan 16, 2020 164 views
Alexis O.’s Avatar
Alexis O. Jan 28, 2020 142 views

how many years does it take to become a nurse?

I am a student a lapeer ed tech in michigan and am a student in the public safety class. I am interested in becoming an ER nurse and am wondering how long it will take to get to that level. #nurse...


Trinity W.’s Avatar
Trinity W. Feb 04, 2020 233 views