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Career Questions tagged Nurse Midwife

Tynae’s Avatar
Tynae Oct 12, 2022 169 views

I have a birth doula certification and currently working on my highschool diploma. I'm trying to decide if pursuing a midwife career is right for me.

How did you go about becoming a nurse midwife? What were you doing before?

What are the requirements to become a nurse midwife?

What are different job options for nurse midwives?

iesha’s Avatar
iesha May 16, 2022 217 views

What is the median salary for this field of work?

I want to learn more about the benefits in becoming a nurse midwife.

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Jul 23, 2019 725 views

Do you have any regrets choosing to go into the medical field? Why or why not?

This question can be for anyone in the medical field but I'm specifically curious about nurse midwives.
#medicine #nursing #nurse #nurse-midwife

Carmilia’s Avatar
Carmilia May 15, 2018 477 views

Is it true that RN-midwives don't get paid a lot?

Is it true that RN-midwives don't get paid at least $60,000? #nursing #college #registered-nursing #midwives #midwife #midwifery #nurse-midwife

Shasta’s Avatar
Shasta Jan 21, 2017 690 views

New student, Medical Assistant! What is the BEST path to take to be a midwife?

I'm 32yrs old and a mother of 2 boys! I've wanted to help deliver babies since I can remember. I have witnessed two babies to friends and one to my sister be born. It was AMAZING!!! I've been out of Hight School for 16yrs now. So I feel very lost when it comes to the best choices regarding...

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Oct 24, 2016 850 views

How rigorous is the CNM medical program at Baylor?

I am going to become a CNM and would like to know the difficulty of the program at Baylors school of medicine? #registered-nurses #nurse-midwife #nurse #nursing #medicine #healthcare #college-bound #premed

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Oct 24, 2016 1362 views

How many hours do Certified Nurse Midwives work on average per year?

I want to become a CNM, but I am wondering how many hours they work yearly. #nurse-midwife

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Oct 24, 2016 1319 views

How long does it take to become an RN and what are the steps?

I am going to become a nurse, but I'm unsure of how getting my basics, while studying nursing, works in college. #registered-nurses #nurse-midwife #nurse #nursing #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #medicine

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Oct 24, 2016 590 views

As a nurse and midwife (CNM) , approximately how often have lawsuits been taken into action because of malpractice?

I am going to pursue my BSN and RN, in order to become a midwife at Baylors Louise Herrington medical school. I would like to open my own holistic birthing center, but I would like to know the risks of doing that. #lawyer #nurse-midwife

Briana’s Avatar
Briana Oct 19, 2016 592 views

How to decide which branch of nursing I should do?

Hello, I am an aspiring nurse major. I am currently a senior in high school and am curious about the various types of nursing degrees and jobs I could possibly go into. I love helping people, and my passion in life is to be able to give back to the world in the caring for people. I would also...

Carlie’s Avatar
Carlie Jun 18, 2015 831 views

When being a nurse midwife, how do you deal with patients that don't listen?

I am asking this question because, even though I want to be a singer, I really want to be a nurse midwife and help soon to be mothers. I'd like to know what I should do if a patient is acting up and not listening to me. #nurse #nurse-midwife #midwifery

Chantel’s Avatar
Chantel Jun 04, 2015 3249 views

How do I go about job shadowing Nursing Midwives?

I'm a freshman in high school and I've decided I want to be a Midwife. I just don't know how or when I should try to schedule an appointment for job shadowing. What goes on while job shadowing a Midwife? #nursing #medicine #nurse #babies #nurse-midwife

Gilda’s Avatar
Gilda Apr 09, 2014 1672 views

Once you chose to be in this field, were there times that you wanted to turn back? Since nursing is usually a field that you can't take back

If I go to college not knowing what I want to do and I might want to do nursing I don't want to be stuck in a pothole. #nursing #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner #nursing-education #nurse-midwife

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Mar 27, 2014 6583 views

How do you determine what type of nurse you should be?

I'm really interested in looking more into what it's like to be a nurse and the education and training needed to be one. I was just curious about how someone decides what nurse to be since there are so many different kinds or positions that you can take. Do you just get your bachelor's and...

Sasha’s Avatar
Sasha Mar 26, 2014 1313 views

What are some majors specific to being a Nurse Midwife?

I am looking forward to becoming a nurse midwife. I am about to enter my first year of college and I do not want to waste my time or money by signing up for an unnecessary course. I need support on my journey toward midwifery. #education #nurse-midwife #support