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As a nurse and midwife (CNM) , approximately how often have lawsuits been taken into action because of malpractice?

I am going to pursue my BSN and RN, in order to become a midwife at Baylors Louise Herrington medical school. I would like to open my own holistic birthing center, but I would like to know the risks of doing that. #lawyer #nurse-midwife

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This is more an insurance question than a legal question. You might try finding people who either underwrite malpractice insurance in the field of midwifery or salespeople who sell the insurance. Or contact a holistic birthing center in a place where you will not be practicing (but maybe in the same state) and find out how they deal with the risks. Ask these insurance companies what they presently charge to insure a nurse-midwife who has just opened a brand new practice. Ask what requirements they have besides payment of a premium. If you are only 16, then it might be premature to worry about such things. Just research the college and graduate programs that will train you for eventual licensure, and prepare yourself accordingly. Don't worry about getting sued just yet. Get the best training, and you'll be reducing your risk no matter what.
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