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Is it true that RN-midwives don't get paid a lot?

Is it true that RN-midwives don't get paid at least $60,000? #nursing #college #registered-nursing #midwives #midwife #midwifery #nurse-midwife

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Michelle’s Answer

As a CNM, I would say salary varies greatly and depends on many factors: Hospital work pays more than out of hospital. Groups usually pay better than solo practitioners. And where you live is a huge determinate. I know of homebirth CNMs who make less than Birth Center or hospital midwives here in town. I would say the range here is 60-95k, however I have made 100k+ at a previous job in this area.

Michelle recommends the following next steps:

You need to research the area you either live in or plan to live in: that will give you better info than getting answers from different areas of the country that may not be applicable to you.