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Dr. Frank Akawi, BS, DVM, MS, MBA, PhD, CVA, CCRT’s Avatar

Dr. Frank Akawi, BS, DVM, MS, MBA, PhD, CVA, CCRT

Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Bradenton, Florida
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aniayh’s Avatar
aniayh Feb 04, 2020 881 views

What are three important things I should know about being a CNA (e.g. working conditions, typical schedule, rewards, and challenges)? What are some tools/technology I should be familiar with?

#Certified-Nurse-Assistant #medicine #CNA #Nurse #Nursing #Registered-Nurse #RN #health-care #medicine

Michele’s Avatar
Michele Jan 28, 2020 505 views

What are some challenges that a cmaa will face in a doctors office or health care setting?

#healthcare #medicine #health #medical #doctor

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Feb 04, 2020 550 views

What are good volunteer opportunities to prepare to apply to veterinary school?

I’m a 4th year zoology major! I have a love and passion for all animals. #veterinary-medicine #university

kendal’s Avatar
kendal Jan 24, 2020 734 views

Whats your motivation for being a nurse?

Im a student at cascade job corps I am wanting to further my future #nursing #medicine #nurse

Karina’s Avatar
Karina Jan 27, 2020 638 views

What are your strengths and how will they help as a CNA?

#medicine #nursing #hospital-and-health-care

tayler’s Avatar
tayler Jan 24, 2020 509 views

what are three important things I should know about registered nursing (e. g. working conditions, typical schedule, rewards, and challenges including those for people new to the job)?

I am currently a student who needs more information to inform my career choice. #nursing #nurse

Laura’s Avatar
Laura Dec 29, 2019 1117 views

What steps should I take to become a Critical Care Nurse?

Hey everyone my name is Laura and I am currently a sophomore in College. My first year I did not have the best of grades and I just want to hear that maybe I can still be what I always wanted to be, a Nurse. Any advice or motivation? Please #nursing #college

Chastity’s Avatar
Chastity Jan 10, 2020 702 views

Is it better to become a nurse or pediatrician? Why?

My name is Chastity V. and my goal in life is to become a pediatrician. I am doing research about pediatricians and have a lot of unanswered questions. I hope this website will help me--I hope you will be able to help me.

#pediatrics #medicine #pediatrician #nursing #doctor

Ezra’s Avatar
Ezra Jan 02, 2020 703 views

Wildlife And Ecology Opportunities For High School Students?

What are some routes to get involved in ecology, conservation, wildlife #biology #veterinary med, etc. as a high school student? I am referring to particular programs rather than general advice. Example: Wild Bird Fund in NYC. Anything (inter)national or based in NYC. #conservation #ecology...

Bianka’s Avatar
Bianka Nov 19, 2019 447 views

How much money do they start you off with when you are first starting off as a registered nurse?

My name is Bianka , I am 16 years old, I am interested in becoming a Registered Nurse, and I am also working towards getting my High School diploma, I am eager to maintain as much information about the medical field as I can.
#doctor #nurse #nursing #medicine #technology #surgeon

cecilia’s Avatar
cecilia Oct 28, 2019 1035 views

what is the best colleges with nursing programs

#college #nursing #nurse #healthcare #nurse-practitioner

Hazel’s Avatar
Hazel Nov 15, 2019 691 views

Should I work at the front desk or on the animals in a vet's office?

I really don't care. #veterinaan #veterinary-medicine #animals

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Nov 14, 2019 357 views

what nursing career needs more help

I like helping people and i want to be able to help where i am most needed to not let others hurt because of something that has happened to them i want to help as much as i possibly can #nursing

Hazel’s Avatar
Hazel Nov 15, 2019 433 views

about how many animals would come in per day?

I mainly want house pets if i become a vet but i'm fine with other animals #animal-health

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Nov 12, 2019 904 views

Is the field for being an Exotic Veterinarian enough so that there's room for someone like me?

I'm a hard worker and I love animals a lot #veterinarian #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #veterinary-technician #animals