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Wildlife And Ecology Opportunities For High School Students?

What are some routes to get involved in ecology, conservation, wildlife #biology #veterinary med, etc. as a high school student? I am referring to particular programs rather than general advice. Example: Wild Bird Fund in NYC.
Anything (inter)national or based in NYC.

#conservation #ecology #wildlife

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4 answers

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Dr. Frank’s Answer

A bachelor's degree typically is the minimum requirement for an entry-level career as a wildlife conservationist. Those aspiring to work in this field might choose an undergraduate program in wildlife biology or a related
field, such as natural resources, agricultural science, or environmental sciences.

Jobs and careers after graduation are:

Wildlife Manager. ...
Wildlife Biologist. ...
Wildlife Educator. ...
Public Educator and Outreach Specialist. ...
Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer. ...
Wildlife Technician. ...
Wildlife Inspector and Forensics Specialist. ...
Communications and Public Relations Specialist.

As a veterinarian Future zoo veterinarians need a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M. or V.M.D.) degree from an accredited veterinary medicine college. Programs typically take four years to finish and involve classroom studies, laboratory experience and clinical work.

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DAVID’s Answer

Dear azooz ,

Working in environmental jobs, volunteering at local hospital or pet store is an essential component of successful candidate for undergraduate and graduate selection.

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Frank’s Answer

Hi Ezra! With the interests you've expressed, be sure to check out Humboldt State University in Northern California as a "College of Interest", https://www.humboldt.edu/
Best wishes!

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Dr Ezat Luba’s Answer

Volunteer at the Bronx Zoo! It has a word renowned wildlife conservation program.