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Career Questions tagged Health Care

Vivien C.’s Avatar
Vivien C. Jun 12 169 views

What can I expect from a career in Medical Technician Work?

I'm a sophomore university student this coming fall semester, and I'd like to get a better idea of my career choice of technician work in either x-ray or sonograms. I'm not really sure what skills are expected of me. I'd like to get started on focusing on those skills prior to my interest...

college x-ray medicine sonography technology health-care career doctor radiology

Wattah T.’s Avatar
Wattah T. Feb 25 176 views

How do I know what job is best for me?

I am a junior in high school who is working hard to find a career in the future that I am satisfied with. I'm interested in becoming a pre-school teacher or a healthcare worker. career-paths careers teacher...


jazmyn F.’s Avatar
jazmyn F. May 15, 2017 717 views

What type of doctor should I be?

I want to live in Canada and be a famous figure skater on Canada's Olympic team but I want to have a real career. my plans were either a pediatrician or an ob-gyn. What should I do? health-care career-details medicine...


Tylar M.’s Avatar
Tylar M. May 26, 2020 2098 views

Should I become a doctor or an engineer?

I am 12 years old and I dream of living in NY when I'm older but the cost of living in the city can be very expensive. Doctors get paid a lot more than engineers, but being a doctor can be time consuming and stressful. So I just want to know which choice would be better. I want to know how long...

health-care engineer engineering career doctor

Denny Z.’s Avatar
Denny Z. Apr 23, 2020 238 views

How can I find opportunities for this summer?

I am looking for tips on finding internships in nursing or healthcare field nursing internships nurse...


Ashley N.’s Avatar
Ashley N. Mar 19, 2020 326 views

How can I find a health-related internship for this summer?

I was planning to stay on campus this summer and do research, but due to COVID-19, my research program has been cancelled. I’ll now be spending my summer at home (in Las Vegas). I’m really struggling to find pre-med or health-related internships in Las Vegas and was looking for some assistance...

covid-19 internship health-care premed

Diana D.’s Avatar
Diana D. May 04, 2016 834 views

Is it beneficial to sub-specialize in pediatrics?

I want to be a pediatrician, but when I spoke to a family friend who graduated from medical school I was informed to sub-specialize rather than be a general pediatrician. I have considered this pathway, but I am fearful that it will be more difficult to find a job if I go that route. doctor...

medicine pediatrics pediatrician nurse health-care