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Nacolma L. May 05, 2016 550 views
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Jelou B. May 08, 2016 502 views

Do you have to get accepted to a famous university to get into medical school?

I will be applying to universities this year, and I plan to go to medical school. #college...


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Emilee F. May 12, 2016 779 views

What is the best major to choose for students seeking to go to medical school?

Ever since I was a little girl, the only thing I wanted to be was a doctor. Benjamin Carson has been a role model of mine that has inspired me to dream big, work hard, and never give up. I hope to someday attend Johns Hopkins Medical School like he did. However, I want to ensure that I'm...

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Ashley L. May 14, 2016 719 views

Is it worth pursuing pre-med for a biomedical engineer?

I will be studying biomedical engineering in college and I want to know whether it is worth going to med school later. #medicine #engineer #pre-med #biomedical-engineering...


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Madelyn L. May 18, 2016 583 views

If I want to research medicine, should I major or minor in Chemistry, and what should I also study?

My plan has always been to major in Chemistry during college, but I wonder, if I want to create new vaccines and antibiotics, should I major in Chemistry or would another major be better? And say I do major in Chemistry, what should my minor be? Or vice versa? #medicine #research...


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Alvin S. May 18, 2016 376 views

Is focus on a specific field or exploration of many different fields better for getting into med school?

I'm interested in being either a researcher or a doctor/surgeon of some sort. #pre-med #research #medicine...


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Naomi S. May 18, 2016 464 views

What makes a good occupational therapist?

I'm looking into occupational therapy as a career and I just want to know if it is the right fit for me. #medicine #occupational-therapy...


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Madison O. May 19, 2016 649 views

what should I do to prepare for medical school?

is I am bad at taking tests is the MCAT going to be a disaster, and what classes/ majors are best to do in undergrad? does where you attend school for undergrad matter? #medicine #pre-med #medical-school...


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Ashley N. May 20, 2016 560 views

What kind of engineering is the best for someone going in to medicine?

I want to get my undergrad in Engineering but am still greatly interested in medicine. #engineering...


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Samantha H. May 22, 2016 439 views

Did you ever doubt your ability to become a doctor?

I've always dreamed of being a doctor, I have been working towards this goal for many years now. But, now that I am getting closer to the goal, it feels like it is slipping farther and farther away. So, I was just wondering, have there been similar doubts in the minds of current doctors? If so,...

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Sara G. May 22, 2016 533 views

What kinds of doctors are there? Do I have to in involved in medicine to become a doctor? How many years of school?

I want to know more about doctors, because I am sort of interested in becoming a doctor. I enjoyed the dissections unit at school and I figured doctors deal with that kind of stuff. #college #doctor #medicine...


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Angeles P. May 24, 2016 435 views

Medicine is a tough field to study in so what motivated you to continue studying it even through hard times?

I've always known that studying medicine wasn't easy. Personally knowing people who have stepped off the pre-med track has made me wonder what exactly has encouraged those who are now doctors to continue. Getting answers from those who have experienced this first hand is something that will...

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corrah G. May 24, 2016 437 views

If I want go into pre-med, do I have to get my undergraduate studies in Math or science? Or can I branch out and get a minor in Libral studeies?

I would like to use my undergraduate studies to branch out and grow in the field of humanities but I am interested in becoming a pediatric surgeon specializing in trauma. #medicine #hospital-and-health-care...


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Nathan C. May 27, 2016 604 views

As a Pathologist, is more of your work computer based or in a lab/hospital?

I am interested in pursuing a career in pathology and was wondering what this aspect of the job was like. #medicine #pathologist...


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SENNAM T. May 28, 2016 536 views

When is it suitable to plan, implement and conduct research when entering medical school?

I am asking this question because most students planning on attending medical school find it difficult as to what is the right time to engage in a suitable research project without any form of hindrances. #medicine...