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If I want go into pre-med, do I have to get my undergraduate studies in Math or science? Or can I branch out and get a minor in Libral studeies?

Updated Hemet, California

I would like to use my undergraduate studies to branch out and grow in the field of humanities but I am interested in becoming a pediatric surgeon specializing in trauma. #medical #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare

2 answers

William’s Answer

You do not have to do undergraduate studies in Math or the Sciences to get into Med School. If you have an interest in the humanities, by all means explore that. However, I would suggest you take courses in the biological sciences as well as chemistry to demonstrate you have an aptitude, but also you have an interest. It is not uncommon to have a dream, but when you explore the reality of that dream, it is not necessarily what you thought it was. Remember, use your teachers and councilors. They know you as well as your aptitudes, they also know the schools you are interested in. I hope I have been of some help. Bill Cox

Candace’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas
You can get a liberal arts degree but keep in mind that you need certain science classes to get into medical school and those classes will also prepare you to take the MCAT for medical school. It might be best to meet with a college counselor to help you decide what would work best for you. Good luck!
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